He Was Married To Me But The Other Woman Was His Priority

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 28 July, 2017

My husband and I met in my former work place. We both fell in love and decided to get married. Everything was going smoothly until his sister entered our lives. His mother was also a typical mother-in-law. Problems started from day one of our marriage. My parents were not invited even once to his house before the wedding.

Soon it was the third day of my marriage and yet my parents had still not stepped inside their daughter’s wedded home.

I was mocked by his brother-in-law ever since our wedding day. He used to tell my husband insensitive things like, “your life is done, you are finished.” I have no clue why he used to do that. I would always end up feeling terrible and in tears. All this time, my husband was simply listening to what his mother, sister and home-wrecker brother-in-law had to say. Life was not easy for me at all. Every single day, we would end up fighting for trivial reasons like “you didn't call my mother today.”

Well, his mother never acknowledged me as a daughter-in-law.

I am a south Indian and he is from East India so there were a lot of cultural differences between us. After one year of our marriage, he decided to move to West Bengal.

I was forced to quit my job to accompany him to a place where I was treated like a third person in my own house. Life was terrible as my husband had to travel often and I was all alone as I didn't have a soul in sight to spend time with there.

My mother-in-law would ensure that I didn’t get to even watch TV. She used to watch shows in languages that I could not understand. She would call her daughter to talk badly about me or complain about me. I was sick and tired of overhearing things all the time.

I tried to tell this to my husband but he claimed that I am trying to build a gap between him and his mother. I realized on that day itself, that I will not be getting any support from his end too.

Three years passed by and I got pregnant. I didn’t want to stay in that house as I had no one there to take care of me. I could not even expect any support from my own husband. Soon after I discovered that there was another woman in his life – his so-called “best friend”. He used to spend day in and day out with this woman. He would lie to me that he is occupied with office work and meetings while he would be hanging out at her place or at a hotel with her, clicking her pictures.

He was so engrossed in her that he didn’t even have five minutes a day to spare to call me. I started getting anxiety attacks and went into depression but nothing changed. He remained the same.

When our baby was born, he came to stay with me at my parental home for eleven days. But after that I had to forget him again. When our baby turned four-and-a-half months old, I went back to his mother’s house hoping that things would get better. However, I was mistaken. That bi*** was getting married and apparently my husband was very sad. He was even the official photographer for her wedding. Although he did take me along as well for her wedding, he left me all alone in the room with our baby while he was engrossed in her. Once I happened to stumble across their email correspondence.

He had written to her that he had become Devdas without her around and she replied to him that there is no one in the World who has loved and cared for her like he did. I was heartbroken.

When I tried to talk it out with him and get him to confess, he stopped talking to me for a whole year. Things fell into place again for a few months and then he became friends with yet another woman. He would drive her around everywhere, shop with her and take her to movies. History was repeating itself yet again. It has been ten years since our marriage but both of us are unhappy.

We have not been intimate with each other since the past four-and-a-half years. He says that he has absolutely no interest in me, and that I am in his house simply for his baby and nothing else. He does not love me at all. I get suicidal thoughts all the time. I am completely lost and depressed. I have no idea what I should do.

Should I move out or continue to put up with him for my child’s sake?