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He Wanted To Leave Me For Another Woman, But That Didn't End Our Relationship

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I am a 26-year-old girl working for a government organization in one of the busiest metro cities. Life took its own turn while I met this guy in my office. He has been a very helpful co-worker and a very good friend as well. I liked him but I could not gather the courage to speak my heart out to him.

It was in December 2015 that we went out for the movie after 6 months of knowing each other. It felt really nice to spend an evening out with him. After a week, he finally told me that he wants to settle down with me and said he was going to talk to his parents about our marriage. I felt a sense of commitment and it was this particular thing that got me attached to him.

We talked to our respective parents about each other, and after a long tussle of culture differences, finally, things were almost settled. He got transferred out of Kolkata in March 2016. We used to fight a lot over small issues but he always took the lead to sort out things.

Till then, everything was going fine. After almost 1.5 years of our relationship, I started realizing that he does not feel the way he used to feel about me. Though I take my own time to handle things, I asked him several times if there was anything he wanted to share with me.

Each time, he said that there is nothing as such. I believed him blindly and never questioned him about anything. It was after 3 months, he finally spoke out that he had been seeing some other girl and he was confused between me and that girl, and he had mixed feelings. I was totally shattered. I didn't even have the strength to ask him her name.

We fought over petty issues, that's true, but this was unexpected. I liked him over other men because he seemed loyal, and it was a betrayal that broke my heart. I lost sleep and appetite. Suddenly, he became a stranger to me. He wasn't the one I loved more than anything else, he wasn;t the guy I fought for with my parents.

He conveyed several messages through my friends that I should break up with him. He even told my friends "I want her to leave me. Ab samajh jao."

Immediately, I decided that he should have the courage to look into my eyes and tell me this same thing. I had no hope of seeing him when I went to his place of posting. He had said that he didn't want to see my face. I was shattered. My self-respect took a blow. But I put my ego aside and faced him. He broke down in front of me and said he wanted to be with me. He was remorseful for whatever he had done.

I always wanted to stay with him, and even after all this, I could not hate him. I have been trying to forget everything and start afresh with him.

Hopefully this time he's not going break my trust.

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