He Tricked Me Into Falling For Him And Then Disappeared

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 17 August, 2017

It all started around the same time last year. A boy came into my life and showed immense interest in knowing me. He made me believe that I could be 'the one' that he was looking for all his life. He was a charming guy who had a knack for saying all the right things.

He charmed my parents and me into believing that he meant well. Being naïve, we fell for all the stories that he fed us.

We got engaged shortly after as there was immense pressure on me to not let go of the ‘decent’ guy that I had finally found or else someone would steal him away. And so I went ahead, believing that since things had been going good till then, we would be able to take care of any shortcomings in the future as well.


A grand ceremony was arranged and performed with lots of affection and love. Subsequently, in the months after our engagement, I tried to get to know him but all he did was share just enough to make me think that he cared. Like I said, I was naive and trusted him more than I realized. I kept thinking that it was okay, because he was committed to me for life and was just taking his own time and would eventually get there at his own pace. But that never happened.

When I thought that things were finally getting on track because he assured me through bare minimum contact that things were fine, he disappeared completely!

Since this was not the first time that something like this had happened, I was extremely angry. Initially, I did not try to get in touch with him thinking that he would eventually realize and try to get in touch because I was his fiancé. That was the least that I could expect from him despite his absence. But I never heard from him after that. Days went by with no messages, no response to my calls, absolutely no reply to any kind of contact that I tried to make.

Then one day, his mother and sister came to my house and told us that he didn’t want to stay engaged to me anymore. I was shocked! Even after begging them to tell us the reason or to let me try to speak to him and clarify the situation, nothing happened. The next time that I met him was among noted elders, where he was forced to come due to a legal notice.

At that point, his intention was only to assassinate my character.

It’s going to be a year since this happened and I have been trying hard to move on from this ordeal. But this whole unreal, painful and appalling episode, keeps bringing only one question to my mind – WHY? Why did you insist on this relationship?

What did you get by coming into my life, becoming a part of it, saying all the right things when you had no intention of showing me even basic courtesy? What sick cruel joy did you get from making someone develop feelings for you?

When you did not think that I was even worthy enough to break up with in person, let alone respond to what you caused in the first place, why did you choose my family and me to play such a twisted joke on?

I have barely made peace with the fact that I probably won’t ever know why you did this, that I will never get closure. But that is ok. However, the one thing I will never forgive you for is changing the meaning of the phrase 'I have you, I do not need to ask God for anything else', into a cruel joke, and for portraying me as a needy, helpless person in front of my near and dear ones.

What did you get out of all of this!