He Treated Me Like Just Another Option And Now Expects This

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 12 August, 2017

Once upon a time, I was a person whose life revolved around studies, family and friends. Then I might him - he was my first ever crush and since he liked me too, in no time he had become my boyfriend. At first, I had refused to accept his proposal due to my family issues. But then I gave in, on one condition – that he would stand up for me whenever needed. Things were going on smoothly between us and I even introduced him to my mum, as my friend. He went on to reveal what was actually going on between us to her, and she appeared cool enough to accept it. Our relationship was going quite good for two years, although there were the silly little fights every now and then.

One day out of the blue, he told me that this is not working out and we cannot go on like this.

It was because his parents found out about us and his mom was pissed at him. We fought quite a bit and then ended our relationship. Just after a few days, he got committed to a girl from a different state. She was from Kerela and a Christian, this meant they both knew that they have no future together. I don’t understand how people get into a relationship even after knowing that they have no chance of a future together? They continued their stint regardless.

One morning, she boarded the train to Bangalore from Kerala and when he was on his way to pick her up from the station, he met with an accident. He was bed ridden for a few months and during this time, he had kept me blocked from his social media. He had changed his number too.

So, I created a new Facebook account just to find out how he was doing. When I pinged him, he did not reply to me properly. One day, I got notified that someone had just deposited 3.5K rupees in my account and I remembered then that he had owed me this amount in the past. I pinged him on Facebook to ask if it was him who deposited the money in my account and he said no. Later, he stated calling me and texting me from his new number. I reverted to him on WhatsApp and he went on to reveal what happened between them.

When he broke up with me, she had broken up with her boyfriend too. But when he was on bedrest, she patched up with her boyfriend and left my ex. So now here he is, regretting what he had done to me.

The embarrassing part is that he still texts me but he wants me to remain his good friend and nothing else. I cannot simply be friends with him without getting intimate, or expressing my true feelings. I also found out that he is characterless – he has slept with prostitutes too, and simply likes to play with other people’s feelings. I wish that he would at least have the courtesy to man up to himself.