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He Took Money From My Father And Never Gave It Back, I Can't Do Anything

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It started two and a half years back, with a simple "Hi" on Facebook. He was twenty three years old and was working with his father in UAE. He was also extremely good-looking. Back then, I was only twenty years old. I was busy with my studies, my family and my pets and didn't really have many friends. I started chatting with him over Facebook and slowly started discussing every small and big thing with him. He told me that he had had his heart broken in his previous relationship and was trying to move on from it. After about a month or so, he visited Delhi and insisted on meeting me. I was a bit hesitant at first, but gave in eventually and met him. After that first time, we started meeting more frequently at his home in Delhi. While he was here, it felt like a dream, but soon he had to return back to UAE.  

We came into a  relationship and managed to make up for the physical distance between us through Skype, texts and calls. After three months, I went to visit him in Dubai, because I wanted to leave no stone unturned in making this relationship work.  This was my first ever relationship and it meant a lot to me.

I had never dated anyone in school because I was friends with the "bad boys" and used to speak like them. I was also taller than other girls and was always kinda bro-zoned. So, I really wanted to give my first relationship everything.

The next one year was full of ups and downs for our relationship.  He visited quite a lot of times and met my family too. I too met his family and everything was great between us except the fact that he never expressed his love for me the way I did for him. I was mad about him but never felt the same from his side.

Then, last year, he shifted to Delhi permanently. That's when I came to know of the different girls who used to keep texting and calling him. When I confronted him about it, he convinced me that they were just his friends and that he was loyal to me.  We survived through it all, and after a while, he did change for me and became a better version of himself. We used to stay together 24*7, either at his place or at mine. My family too accepted him as a part of our family. Our relationship was just perfect .

Then, one day he came to my place and told us that there was some issue with his father's business and he had to supply goods to UAE, immediately. My father helped him financially. He took the money and promised to return 10 lac within a month. But the day never came.

In fact, random people started contacting us over the internet, telling us that he was a fraud, that he had cheated them of their money as well. My father too got a few calls and he was told that the house in Delhi also didn't belong to him.

It has been six months since his family returned from UAE. They have returned half the amount he took from my father. I have confronted him about all this, but I still can't decide if he is a perfect con-man or if he is genuinely in trouble. I know I can sacrifice my life for his love. He has always been on my side, and has even gone against his sister and mother whenever the need for it has arisen. He is not just good looking, he also has a huge heart. He showers me with immense love that I never thought I was capable of receiving, ever. But, despite all this, I can't sacrifice my dad's money and pride for him. And of course I also know that my future with him may be pretty dark. My head understands all this, but my heart refuses to believe any of it and is still very fond of him. After spending so many nights and days together, being madly and deeply in love with him, maybe I don't have the courage to let it go...

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