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He Really Loved Me, So He Pushed Me Away To Save Me

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My story started when I was in my hometown for a break. I joined a gym and that is where I met him. He was a cool, handsome and famous guy.

I had a crush on him but was scared to tell him.

Fortunately, fate had other plans because he too wanted to initiate a conversation with me. So he added me on Facebook and we started chatting.

We met every day post the gym and even started going there twice a day just to spend time together. From a simple hello, we progressed to day and night long conversations and he finally confessed that he liked me.

I was skeptical about this relationship but he was sure about us.

Eventually, everything fell into place and we began dating. It was the best time of my life. However, after a few days, I noticed that he had become very vulnerable.

There were some coincidences between our relationship and his previous one, which made him insecure.

He would keep running away from these situations. Luckily, we managed to work things out and came out stronger. We met regularly, made video calls every day and everything was going smoothly.

He always said that I was the kind of girl he wanted to be with.

He told his parents about me and even my mom knew about him. After a while, he started telling me that I was too good for him and that I should move on.

He blocked me from everywhere saying that he did not want to spoil my life as he cared about me.

He even called my friends and told them to take care of me and help me move on because he didn’t deserve me. Whenever I tried calling him, he gave different responses.

At times he said that he was spoiling my life and so he needed to go away.

When I called him the last time, he said that his roka was fixed with his ex (Whom he hated and barely spoke to). But I believe that he was lying so that I would go away from him.

This has happened several times.

In the morning, he’ll tell me to leave him and go away but at the end of the day, he calls and apologies because he is emotionally unstable.

Both of us have been dealing with this issue. But this time, it has been 6 days that we haven’t had a word. I am sitting here, confused, without knowing what to do.

He was so into me that not a single day passed without him seeing me at least once.

Then why is he behaving like this now? I don’t know what to do in this situation. Should I give him some time?

I really love him and I am quite sure that he does too but I can’t understand why is he so scared that he keeps running away from me.

What should I do?

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