He Mixed Abortion Pills In My Food Because He Only Wanted Me For Sex

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 7 October, 2017

While I was pursuing my journalism from Kolkata, I met a guy on Facebook. Then our conversations started and we became friends. He asked me out and I said yes.

The first thing I did was I told my mom about it. She did not agree so I decided to break up with him but he convinced me to continue and I fell for it. I did not tell my mom this time.

While we were dating, he gave me his ATM card and a tablet. I couldn’t hide that from my parents and when they found out, they directly went and met his parents. His parents clearly told my parents that their son can have an affair with as many girls as he wants because he is a boy.


After that, I told him that I want to break up with him. He cried and begged me to stay with him and marry him. We got registered ourselves in court. However, I did not live with him.

I continued to work in Kolkata and while I wanted to focus on my career, he made sure he did everything to destroy it. He would keep calling me all the time and asking me to choose between him and my job.
After coming back home from work, I would just want to sleep but he wanted to have phone sex every day. I kept denying and we fought a lot.

When I told my mom about this, she asked his parents to make the marriage public. My dad went to his hometown to meet his parents. They said they will go for a traditional marriage only if my family gives them 7 lakh rupees. My father refused. His parents beat up my father with a lathi and asked him to leave.


When he came back home and told me about this incident, I immediately went to the police. My husband came and tried to force me to withdraw my complaint. He told me he wants to be with me and that he loves and I told him clearly that I can’t be with him if he doesn't marry me socially.

I begged him to cancel the marriage and let me go but he was insistent and came home with his parents one day and asked for my hand in marriage. They said they don’t want any money from us. So, we got married. I was a fool, blinded in love.

I went with him to Jamshedpur. His family would beat me everyday and barely gave me any food to eat. My husband secretly mixed abortion pills to my food and that left me weak and sick. He would tell me I want you for sex only.

One day, I finally managed to escape and filed a police complaint. After fighting the case for 4 years, I finally won it and now I have started a new life full of hopes and dreams.