He Made Me Fall In Love With Him But Left Me With A Heartbreak For This One Reason

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 24 May, 2017

4th June 2016 was the special day when I got his first message on Facebook. He introduced himself and we started having conversations around everyday things. Just after 37 days, on the 10th of July, I suddenly had the urge to talk to him. He was busy driving and couldn’t talk.

He messaged asking if it was okay to talk at 3:45 pm the next day and I agreed. The next day I called him and we spoke. We spoke about life, our friends, our dreams. He was very soft spoken, intelligent, quiet, truthful, handsome, very punctual but not at all expressive while talking and that made me sad every time we spoke.

Just listening to his voice gave me butterflies in my stomach and I slowly started falling in love with him but never told him.

I didn't know Facebook friends could become so close. We used to talk on Saturdays at 7.20 pm and every Saturday I used to wait for his call. Days passed by and I decided to meet him as it was very difficult to stay away from him without seeing him. I never knew how he felt as he never expressed himself but he wanted to meet as well.

Our first meeting was good; we spoke for an hour and said goodbye. We always argued over his lack of expression but we never resolved these things till date. I tried to keep our conversations alive but there were no efforts from his side. 

I think no relationship can exist without communication. I tried many times; tried to make him understand but he didn't understand the importance of communication. The Saturday phone conversations died slowly because of his busy schedule. 

It’s very painful. I miss him too much. Hopefully, God will give me strength to forget him. I feel as if he is pulling me towards him; he is holding me so tight that I just cannot get over him.