He Made Me Believe That Age Doesn’t Matter And Then He Dumped Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 4 August, 2017

I was like any other teenage girl, smitten by fairy tale love stories, the ones that they show in movies. But I was also very conscious about guys because I never wanted to be with a guy who would just use me.

However, as they say, it doesn't matter what you want, you only get what you’re destined for.

I was 17 and had just taken admission in college. Friends, fights, rumors, drama; my life was like any regular college girl. I first met him in November, at the end of my first semester. He was doing his Masters while I was in my Bachelors. When my friend introduced us, I felt something - this strong attraction. Why not, he was tall, handsome, intelligent, smart and humorous! Maybe he also understood what I felt. We become friends on Facebook and exchanged numbers. And then the s*** started.


We chatted all day, all night, in class, even in front of our families. He was so calm, a typical gentleman. We spent a lot of time together. After a few months, we got close. We started holding hands, sitting close to each other, sharing rides.

I didn’t want to rush into things, nor did he.

One day, we were having a casual discussion about age when I got to know that he was 28 years old. I was shocked! When I confronted him, he said it was true.

People say that ‘Age doesn't matter’, even he said the same, but I was freaking out because it matters!

What if he were to fall in love with some other girl of his age, then he would easily say that I was just a ‘kid’. But the relationship was going well, it was something new for me, so I ignored the age. I told him that we should get into a serious relationship but he wanted to focus on his carrier. So I decided that I too wouldn’t take him seriously and just have fun.

He was so good in sweet-talking and making me feel loved that I didn't even realize when I fell in love with him. Crappy LOVE!

I never confessed that I was falling for him but he did tell me that he loved me, quite a few times.

It was November when his calls reduced to just once a week. I thought that he must be busy. It never bothered me that he didn’t call everyday. I never assumed that something was fishy. Even when the New Year came, we just spoke just once a week. He would talk as sweetly as ever, so I had no reason to doubt him. Then in January, his grandmother expired. He told me he needed time as he was in depression and the entire family was stressed.

When he finally returned to college, I noticed a change in him. He stopped calling me completely and didn't even respond to my messages. One day I confronted him. I asked him, “Do you want to finish everything?” His reply shocked me. He said, “Finish what?”


I had no words. But I gathered my courage and asked him, “Whatever we had between us.” He just smiled and said, “We haven’t been talking normally since November. So I guess, yes.”

I was shattered from inside but I didn't want to beg him or force him to stay.

I cried for days and nights. I couldn't sleep and would have nightmares every night. It took me a few days to feel normal. One day, I happened to go to his class to call one of my faculty members. What I saw completely shocked me! He hadn't broke up with me because of any family stress or career issue. The truth was totally different. He was having an affair with my faculty; she was beautiful and of the same age as him.

When my friend asked him why he broke up with me, he shamelessly said, “She was just a kid.”

F*** you a**h***! I was a kid and you knew it from the beginning, when you met me and started flirting with me. If you knew it then why did you even start something!

We don't talk anymore. I’ve tried every way to get him out of my head but I can't deny that he still occupies a space in my mind and my heart, where I can't really reach.

When I do meet him some day, I would just like to ask him – "Why did you do this to me?"