He Is Fighting His Parents To Marry Me But I Want To Give Up

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Love - the most beautiful feeling in the world and it turns out to be more beautiful when you have someone to make it more beautiful for you. My person came to me 6 years back. Women are known to want a relationship like a fairy tale where a prince charming comes to save the princess but what if the prince makes the princess realize that she is the princess? Yes, that is exactly what he did for me. I was a shattered, unstable, non-confident person, he came with the magic wand and changed everything. He turned me into a confident and better person.

But life is unpredictable, isn't it?

A year of our relationship later, I started suspecting him. I don’t know why but I did and the worst that could happen, happened. It turned out to be true. He was dating some other girl. My whole life came to a point where I just wanted to kill every bit of emotion I had for him. But then guess what? That non-confident princess in me realized she is a warrior too. I just asked him one question, “why?” And he had no answer to it. I left him. This is still not then end, “kyunki agar picture ki end mein sab kuch acha nahi hota toh picture abhi baki hain mere dost!”

He came back like rain in my barren life. The emotions made me fall for him all over again and we got back together.

Remember the tale where prince charming comes back to the princess? Yes, in my case the prince came back but the princess was still taking time. Three years passed by happily with some ups and downs but yes we sailed together and on the next turn I had no idea what would come next.

We both made love.

That evening was the most beautiful evening I could ever have had, someone had never been so close to me. We changed as a couple, it changed everything between us and we grew into more passionate lovers. But again life is unpredictable, it was time for him to get married to someone else. Yes, that is right, as his family was not ready to accept an inter-caste marriage. We fought a lot. He did fight for it and is still doing it.

He keeps texting me but now I have decided to give up because it is hurting me to see him upset everyday.

We work together in the same office. We share that silence where we both know we have a lot to say and share but keep mum instead. But where is this heading too? Now I want to know ki picture mein sab end mein acha nahi hua toh sach mein abhi bhi picture baki hai mere dost?

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