He Ignored Me And Rejected My Request But I Still Wanted Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 30 July, 2017

I was in the first year of college when I met him. He was my roommate's friend and apart from her occasional references to him, I didn't really know him. I was in a different college, a girls' only institute and my life was miserable until that one day, that changed my life forever. There was an inter-college fest taking place at my roommate's college and since it gave me a good excuse to skip classes, I decided to chug along with her. We enrolled our names for the treasure hunt, but it was all hunt and no treasure for us. They made us do extremely tiring tasks like swallowing umpteen bananas (not so easy when you hate bananas), gulping ice-cold water and taking three rounds of the college ground. After such an eventful day, I had had enough. I ran to my roommate, literally collapsing on the way. That's when I saw him, staring at me with an amused look.

I was baffled. I didn't know what he thought of me, but I did not want to make a fool of myself in front of him. My roommate introduced me to him. He just nodded and walked away, without even waiting for me to say "Hi" or to speak any further. I was irritated and wanted to put him in his place but he had already left by then.

Even after several days, thinking about the incident made me wonder why he walked away. Even though I barely knew him, his arrogance and indifference bothered me.

After thinking about it a lot, I decided to send him a friend request on Facebook. For some reason, I eagerly looked forward to him accepting my request, but nothing of the sort happened. After a while, I too forgot about the incident. But then, one day, my roommate told me it was his birthday. I don't know why, but I felt like wishing him. So, I logged in to Facebook again, and to my surprise, found that he had rejected the request I had earlier sent to him. I was stupefied. I couldn't understand exactly what had I done to earn his disapproval, but I knew that I wanted to clarify any misconceptions he might have about me. Sometimes, I still wonder why I sent him a request, again, in spite of the way he had treated me. This time, though, he accepted my request and just like that, we started talking to each other. I wished him happy birthday and asked him if he remembered me and if he did, why did he reject my request, earlier. He gave me some dumb excuse for it, but I just felt really good talking to him, so I let it pass.

Soon, we became best of friends and started sharing every little detail of our lives with one another. I could trust him and I felt really comfortable with him, like I had never felt with anyone before. We grew so close that if we didn't talk to one another even for half an hour, we would grow anxious and restless. I felt loved and protected when he was around. His smile could take my breath away. He had a heart of gold and understood me and accepted me for who I am.

We never knew how but we fell in love, but finding your soulmate is the best feeling ever.

It's not that we don't fight, but somehow we always make our way back to one another and that is the magic of true love. I had never thought that I would want to spend my entire life with the arrogant guy I had met that day. I guess love comes knocking when you least expect it and it is up to you to open the door to it, or not.