He Forgot That We Were “More Than Friends” When He Decided To Move On With Another Girl

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 17 July, 2017

We were just friends or at least that’s what he always said. I was a very happy and independent girl when I first met him. He was my senior in college but he had already graduated. He was going through a rough phase in life because of his break up.

I felt really bad for him and wished he came out of his misery soon. As time went by, we got closer to each other, we became best friends. We were really comfortable around each other and there wasn’t a thing we didn’t share.

He would tell me how important I was to him and how badly he’d miss me once we left for Mumbai. He was going to study there. I was a different person when it came to him; usually an introvert and fully independent, I found myself talking a lot in front of him and depending on him for things.

I was falling for him slowly. I knew nothing could happen between us as he was from a different caste. I still expressed my feelings to him. He told me he liked me too but did not want to get into another relationship. He wanted to be friends and not complicate what we had. I felt really bad but he made sense.

We used to chat for hours, talk on skype, meet on the beach. We had a secret beach where we would meet whenever he came back from Mumbai. We would meet and hug each other for long hours. We cuddled and pampered each other. I wondered if we were “just friends”. We never kissed though.

With time, things started changing. We started to talk less but we would still talk. I felt like he had started taking me for granted. I felt bad but I ignored it. We were still very close. As time passed, I realized he has changed a lot. I was happy he was over his past but he almost stopped interacted with me also. He always told me he’ll now marry the girl his parents chose for him.

It was like he had forgotten how close we used to be. He even forgot the fact that he liked me. Our relationship had now become a one-sided love story.


His parents were actively looking for girls for him and he fell in love with one of them. I was so surprised. How could he just conveniently forget whatever we had? He was so happy and excited to get married to this girl. He forgot about the 4 years he had spent with me. He still wanted to be in touch with me because for him, we were just good friends. But how was that possible? We never had any limits as friends.

We slowly lost touch. What hurt the most was the fact that he did not even acknowledge that we were something more than friends. He just moved on and got busy in his life. I will always pray for his happiness. I hope I forget all this and come out of it soon. He was my strength and my support. I loved him but more than that, I was attached to him. That’s life and it must go on.