He Entered My Life When I Was Lonely But He Left Me When I Was Happy

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 30 May, 2017

I used to be alone, but never was I lonely. The blissful mind of mine was always a good friend on the days when the weather was gloomy.

Then you came along, joining me during the days when I had none but my heart and mind for company. Oh, I wasn't alone anymore. 'This is ethereal' is what I felt. My fragile heart was racing in happiness when the rhythms of its beats danced with the melody of yours. My mind that once drew vivid portraits, now only knew the contours of your face.

Of course, I was alone on a few days, but the constant pre-occupancy of you never made me feel isolated. Slowly and steadily you took over; my mind and my heart was all yours.

It was a great feeling of finally finding someone who made me feel happy. I had a companion. 

And then, you left. It wasn't slow, it wasn't fast either. It was sudden. It was as if somebody had shaken me awake from deep slumber and told me that I won't ever be able to sleep this way again. I was numb, for a few hours, for a few days. People came, people spoke, people begged me to talk, and people tried, and people lost hopes on me and left. 

Loneliness struck me like lightning during rain. The lonely feeling came back to me haunting yet again. At least back then, it didn’t matter to me as I was used to it. But after experiencing the great feeling of a partner, I felt terrible. 

I was lonely because now my heart was wandering all alone. My mind kept drawing you. All I wanted was to take off your image from my mind and show the world that it's aching deep down.

Would they realize it then? The memories seemed uncontrollable. I was once full of you and had no control over those feelings that were so strongly carved. That's when I realized how deserted I was, because now my mind is forgetting your face and my heart is tired of wandering alone.

I wish someone could understand what I am going through.