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He Emotionally Blackmailed Me Into Believing All Those Lies

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I am a fourth year student. All these years I've experienced both good and really bad incidents that made me stronger. I met a girl who is my carbon copy and we became friends very quickly. One day I noticed her being very dull and desperate. After two days she opened up to me.

She has a best friend. Let's name him A. So both of them were very good friends but the boy was suffering from throat cancer. The boy had a very appreciable attitude. He was in the third stage of cancer, he was smiling and was motivated. I knew more about him through my friend and one day we met. Soon we became very good friends and we started chatting on Whatsapp and Facebook. He was always there for me when I had a problem.

We grew closer and I was growing sadder thinking about his health. I always took great care of him. We even quarreled a number of times at his carelessness about his health. He was like an elder brother to me. As days passed, his health was deteriorating. He was admitted in the hospital. 

He'd send me his photos in the hospital. I was crying all this time and was praying for him. One day I received his voice call.

Actually he was crying over the phone. He said that my friend was distancing herself from him. I asked her and she replied that her mom warned her about him. I was really sad because I realized that she didn't care about him. So I consoled him and assured him that I will be there with him forever. One day he posted a photo of him with a girl. When I asked him, he told me that it was his girlfriend. I was really shocked that I was hearing this for the first time. But he kept on telling me that he had already told me about that girl. I was sure that he hadn't.

Suddenly he started crying and I started consoling him. I told him that I might have forgotten about it. In those days I could sense the negativity. Two of my friends broke up with their boyfriends. I failed in university exams. One day my friend opened up to me and it just killed me. He was a liar. All that he told us was a lie. His illness, attitude, friendship. Everything was a lie. But I could not believe this. So I asked my friend who was his classmate.

He told me that my "Best friend" had a habit of emotional blackmailing his friends, especially girls. Even now I just can't figure out why he did this to me. Why he lied to me.

He cheated me and my friend but after this I lost my trust on friendship. I don't even trust people. I just lost faith in everything. I lost myself. I miss being that carefree girl. I miss me.

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