He Easily Settled For Arranged Marriage After All The Memories They Made Together

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Their story wasn’t a usual one. Destiny had no plans to sustain their relationship for long, this is what he always reminded her. He felt that their fights, their inability to spend time together, the distance between them, were all signs that they shouldn’t be together. She never blamed destiny, she strongly believed they could make it work by mutual effort. Alia and Parth met through a mutual friend and had a virtual relationship for almost a year.

But they were so into each other, that neither could feel the distance in between them. He was all that she wanted, everything she had envisioned her soul mate to be like.

Maybe he felt the same, maybe he didn’t. All she knew was she would do her best to keep their relationship intact forever. They waited for a year before they could finally meet, and turn their virtual hugs into real ones. He had visited her city and planned to stay with her for two days. Everything was magical, they were effortlessly comfortable in each other’s company as if they had known each other for ages. Alia realized that she had never felt this way before and was living the best time of her life. However, there was one thing about Parth that bothered her the most. He did not want her to share anything about their relationship with any of her friends. Neither was he interested to talk about them with his friends.

It bothered him so much that he stopped talking to her just before he was about to board his train and depart.

They were at the station, standing in silence and she could hardly bear that he was not speaking to her at all. Who knew when they would meet next or whether they would meet at all? She tried hard to convince him to the extent that she even promised she would no longer discuss anything with her friends about them. She could not stop her tears from running down her cheeks. But he stood there unmoved, less concerned about Alia but more concerned about people staring at her while she was crying. She soon forgot about that incident and preferred to remember only the special memories they had created together. They sorted out their differences and could not wait to spend time with each other again. She would often waive off the fights and deal with them by surrendering even when she knew she wasn’t wrong. One day, he expressed his anger over a guy from her college who kept his hand on her shoulders while posing for a group picture. She knew his behaviour was irrational this time. He had often displayed a similar level of discomfort when she used to hang out and pose with other guy friends.

Was she his property that could not be touched by anyone else but him? Had he claimed all rights on her by taking away hers? Did this make her disloyal towards him?

She knew the answers well. She hoped that maybe someday she could make him realize that he was wrong. After a few months, their fights started turning bitter. This time it was Alia who initiated the arguments. The reason was his parents who had started the bride hunt for him. She urged him to stop them. She cried herself to sleep when he ignored her with the recurring assurance, “Things are not under my control”. She wanted to shout, “of course things ARE under YOUR control and you could stop your parents if you wanted to”. No parent would force their child (especially their son) to get married against his will and that too when he was not settled. Yet Alia stood by him and persuaded him to keep trying. She had no idea what was going on the other side. She didn’t even know if Parth actually intended to make efforts for her or was planning to easily give up. She knew it was time for her to leave but something inside her told her to stay and try one last time, to be by his side because he was also going through a tough time.


One day, when she asked again about the situation, he responded coldly by saying “I can’t answer all that, I need space. I don’t want to talk to you, Bye”. Something hit her so hard that she could not feel anything. She kept staring at her phone screen and re-reading his text. She was not angry at him. She was disappointed in herself, she knew she trusted the wrong person and that too, way too much. She knew Parth did not have the courage to hold her hand till the end. She blamed herself for every wrong decision she had made. Three months had passed and there was no response from Parth. Millions of unanswered questions crossed her mind. She knew he would not be half as hurt as she was. Never did he care to at least ask if she was doing fine. All that he cared about was his problems, his family, his marriage, his job and so on. Alia realized that she was never a part of anything. The only day she expected a call or text from him was on her birthday.

She had no idea about the surprise she was about to receive. No, he didn’t call or text her on that day either. No, he didn’t visit her.

Instead, it was Alia who ended up texting him on the next day, requesting him for closure. She gathered the courage to ask him about his status on getting married. The three-word reply she received was powerful enough to break her into pieces that might take years to be mended again. All he said was “I am engaged”. The only thing she could think then, was wonder what had she done to deserve all this. She loved him truly and would have done everything to keep him happy. Didn’t she deserve to be informed about his engagement? Was he scared that he would hurt her if she knew the truth? But he had already hurt her so much before that she didn’t expect anything beautiful from him. All she wanted was an answer, a closure and the satisfaction that he tried his best to convince his parents. She got none from him. From that day, she decided to never look back and struggled every day to move on. She knew it wouldn’t be as easy as her friends assured her it would be.

All she knew was that she had people in her life who would go to any extent to make her happy. She knew that she cannot let them down.
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