He Claims To Love Me But Is Too Busy To Stop Ignoring Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 29 April, 2018

This is not just a story but the reason behind my mixed emotions because of which I cry daily. Or I should say that this story is about the confessions of a neglected girlfriend. Maybe what they call a perfect life is what I was living, until I met him. We both were introduced by a common friend on a group on social media.

I know it's silly to say that there was an instant attraction from my side, but it was there. I didn't know how he felt about me so I just took it lightly as a silly crush.

You must be wondering that how stupid is this girl, who believes in online long-distance relationships? but I did believe in him. So for some time after that, I stopped contacting him and my life was really smooth until my birthday when it turned from a happy life to I don't know what. So, it was my birthday I was hoping to get a text from him. He did. He texted me exactly at 11:55 pm to wish me, apologized and then there came the surprise! He called me and said that he loves me. Exactly this: "(my name), I love you. I have had a crush on you since the day we interacted first." I was shocked and also a little happy. But I had a question and I asked him why would he propose a girl who's 5 years younger than him? So he said that age doesn't matter to him. So I immediately said "I love you too".

Here started the worst part of my life, everything was fine for a few months, then he started avoiding me by excusing himself, saying that he's busy with work.

When I shared things about us to my close friends, he got furious, and said, “tujhe pata hain ki mujhe nahi pasand dhindhora peetna, tujhse aisi bachkaani harkat ki umeed nahin karta hoon main”. I thought to myself, what's wrong in sharing things with close friends? And then began his taunting. He would point out my flaws and mistakes even if they didn't matter much in that situation. He never texted or called me and when I asked him why, the same old excuse was given, "I’m busy. I’ll talk later".

He was always online but the grey ticks never turned blue and the online status never turned into typing.

I was always wondering what my fault was and why was he doing this to me. I finally gave up and never texted or called again. It took me months to get back on track. Now I just want to say this to him: "dude, bachkani baat main nahin tum kar rahe the, tumhe dene ke liye mere paas maafi bhi nahi hain ab”.

Author's Note:

A note to all the guys out here: Never ever ignore your girl, she'll not say it often but it hurts. A relationship works out only with the balanced efforts of both people

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