He Broke My Phone And My Self-Respect To Become Somebody I Didn't Know

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 6 August, 2017

It was one of those times when I was randomly texting and striking casual conversations because I was bored. That was last year. It all started on Instagram.

*ting* The notification bar lit up. His DM said 'Hi!'. I said 'Hi!' back. And just like that, he walked into my life. He was sweet, charming, gentle- chivalry was the perfect word to describe him.

Suddenly, one day he asked to meet up. I started dancing! There was something very different about him and I was excited to meet him. We decided, casually, that we would meet up at his place. He was supposed to pick me up from college.

And my excitement began- what to wear, what to do, uff! I painted my nails, I put together an outfit, told him what time to pick me up and forced myself to get some beauty sleep.

The next morning, I was fresh and happy, I had my dress on and a little gloss on my lips. I had my driver to drop me to the college. My friends and I were so excited! A charming stranger had texted me on social media and I was going to meet him after talking to him for so long! I called to ask him where he was and he said he was close by. I was smiling while I was waiting for him.

He reached my college and blew the horn for me. I opened his car door. I was suddenly shy. He said "Hi!" and that was the best moment. He was so charming. "Let's go home," he said.

We had a really good time talking while he drove. We enjoyed each other's company. I still don't know where the time flew away. Soon, we reached his place. I sat on the sofa and we were having a great conversation. I felt something when he touched my arm- it was certainly the butterflies in my tummy. The more he touched me, the more I melted.

Suddenly, everything became still, until my bag fell down. I bent down to pick it up and put it on his bed. When I looked up, his face was so close to mine. In no time, our lips met and we kissed. It felt like the best time in my life because I was kissing someone I felt so much for. He said "I love you," and I surrendered myself to him, wishing for that moment to last forever.

After that day, we met often and our relationship grew. But it was in the month of November that something changed- I could hear it in his voice, sense it in his behaviour. We began fighting, he abused me all the time, became overly possessive, but each time I dealt with the situation and gave him another chance, thinking that he will change. We spent several months like this, almost a year. It finally reached a point where I couldn't take it anymore.

I thought I should break-up with him. Each time I met him, I would promise myself that it would be the last. But each time, I lost myself in his arms. He was exactly the opposite of what he was when I first met him and I knew he would never change, but his one touch would melt me.

I met him recently to return the teddy bear he had given me and I got fooled again by letting him touch me. While f***ing, he kept saying that he loved me, but I couldn't trust him because he had changed. I don't know whether he fooled me or whether I wanted to be fooled by him- we had a small fight and I pulled his t-shirt and scratched him. That's when he began beating me, broke my expensive phone and glasses.

I was crying, and at the same time, I was trying to calm him down and make him realize that he can buy a new t-shirt, but I couldn't replace my things so easily.

My heart was beating fast, I was afraid and broken, I couldn't even handle myself. I went home and cried the entire day.

I realized that he wasn't mine because he was into many girls. It was his endless parties, his sister's friends, social media connections, and what not! I thought I could change him, but I ended up changing myself. I lost everything- my self-confidence, self-respect. There was nothing left in me to make me feel like I was capable of something.

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