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He Broke My Heart So I Could Find The Love Of My Life

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I met a guy through one of my friends when I was in +2. He was very nice to me when we first spoke, he was a bit flirtatious but still I liked the way he talked to me. From then on we became very good friends and spoke to each other all night. He made me feel great and I liked him a lot.

After a few days of chatting and talking over the phone, he proposed to me. I wasn't ready to get into a relationship with him at that time so I just rejected his proposal but still continued to be friends with him. A year passed but he still wanted me as his girlfriend. I never responded to it.

When it was time for us to choose our careers, we both ended up taking engineering but in different colleges. After we joined engineering, I accepted his proposal. Those were the best days of my life. The time spent with him was heavenly.

Then suddenly he changed. He spoke about a friend (girl) all the time. Slowly he started giving her more and more time. I asked him not to talk to that girl but he told me if I put any kind of restrictions on him he would break up with me. So I kept quiet and didn't talk about it.

We wouldn’t talk for weeks. One fine day he told me he was dating that girl and he wanted to break up with me. He still wanted me as a friend so that he could get the “benefits” every now and then. I was dead inside. I couldn’t let go of him because I loved him too much. I agreed to be his friend with benefits.

He made me feel ugly. I completely lost my self-respect and courage. I felt like a toilet paper.

Then he started having issues with his girlfriend so they broke up but I’d made up my mind to not go back to him so I ended my relationship with him as well.

This was when I met another guy. He made me feel so good about myself - he accepted my past and didn’t judge me for it. However, my ex-boyfriend got jealous of my new relationship and started sending me suicide threats. I did not know what to do but I decided to move on.

It’s been two years since then and I am happy in this relationship.

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