He Avoided Me And Then Coldly Replied Saying He's Engaged

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 17 August, 2017

It was 17th of August. I was very tired but was not able to sleep. I was just checking my newsfeed on Facebook and scrolling through my page. It was 2 am when I got a message saying, ''Hi!" I replied as I was feeling very lonely. We ended up having a lengthy chat. He told me all lies in order to gain my sympathy. I eventually fell in love with him.

Last month, he went to attend his uncle's son's marriage and told me that he wouldn't chat or talk to me for the next 15 days. I agreed.

One fine day, I saw him online. I messaged and asked him for the reason behind avoiding me. He coldly replied that he got engaged. I was shocked.

He tried convincing me saying that he loved me and always will. He will manage his wife and me. I fail to understand how is that even possible. This kills me every single day. I feel so disheartened and shocked.