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Dear You, Please Talk About Me Before You Fall Into Depression

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear You,

I hope you still recognise me. I try and come into your life time and again so that you can give me equal attention as you do to the feeling of JOY.

Lately, I have been feeling that you try to suppress me and don’t talk about me to anybody. This gives me a feeling that I have been left out and I get really agitated because of this. This is the time when I am at the best of my capabilities, trying to bring in a hurricane within you.

I am the strongest when you choose to be by yourself as that’s when you are the weakest.

I bring myself in effect whenever possible so that you may pull me out of yourself under frustration, in front of your friends and family, or your therapist for that matter. I feel quite suffocated in here and since you have confined me within yourself for a very long time, I think it’s now that I do something really strong and effective which lets me out of you. 

Having said this, I want you to know that it can bring in the worst time possible in your life and may bring you down completely. At this point, you would want to get together with your loved ones to confide in, but let me warn you again that it will get too late as the damage I intent to produce may be irreversible. 

I don’t like it when I am treated differently. You express JOY whenever and wherever possible but when it comes to expressing me, you simply choose a corner and force me into getting fierce. 

Like the other day, when I was honestly all over your emotions, your friend could see it on your face. She even made an attempt to ask if you want to share what you are feeling and if everything was okay. That was the time I thought, you will talk about how I am getting under your skin. But again, I was proved wrong. You ignored her and stood by yourself, choosing to be alone yet again.

After numerous attempts of raising my concerns, I finally decided to pen this down. I want you to understand that I am no different than JOY. I am just another feeling that you are hiding inside you. If you express me, just the way you express happiness, you shall feel the same way about me. The longer I stay inside you, the more damage can be expected out of me. I too get bored of being at the same place for a very long time. Furthermore, I can explain to you about who I actually am.

I am a feeling that develops whenever you go through a bad experience. I am an emotional pain that is associated with loss, despair, disappointment and grief.

I am as strong as happiness but I tend to stay longer, and have the ability to cause more destruction as I am dealt with very differently by you humans. 

Not to forget, unlike happiness I have the ability to give you the strength to face the gravest situations in life, whether good or bad. Not to scare you, but I believe it’s important to understand that there are mechanisms to cope up with the situations or emotions I create for you. You have options right in front of you, but you choose to ignore them just because you are scared of what people may think about you. 

The best possible way to understand me and to deal with me in the most appropriate way is to talk about me to beings who are close to you mentally.

It’s very important to stop me at my very occurrence, else I can turn disastrous and force you to drown deeper in your sorrows and finally reach a state of depression. Trust me, it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

I am not a medical situation until you choose to deal with me in the best possible way. I am really envious of happiness and thus, I always make my way into the lives of people to make them understand that I am equal to any emotion you humans go through. The way you choose to express other emotions, you should express me the same way and give me an equal space in your life, just like happiness.

Hope this small note helps you understand me better and lets you choose your emotions over your life wisely. 

Yours truly,

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