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Dear (His) Wife: I'm Not The Other Woman, I'm The Woman Who Can't Win

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*For representational purpose only.
I am the ‘Other Woman’ and this is the other side of a story that no one takes the time to hear.

My story takes us back 4 months: when I met him for the first time. He was, still is, my boss. When we met, he was 41, hard-working, charismatic and extremely passionate about his work. That being said, he’s also well-settled with two beautiful kids and a lovely wife.

I’m a middle-class girl, staying here in Delhi by myself. I’m an engineer in his organization and to him, I’m ambitious, enthusiastic and a quick learner.

What started out as purely professional conversation, soon turned into something much more. We began sharing a lot of our personal lives with each other and slowly the line we shouldn’t cross became blurred.

Before you start making any assumptions and calling me the ‘B****’ that ruined a marriage, read on.

While we did cross a line with our conversations, he has never touched me; and more importantly, I will never let him. I’m a virgin. And while we’ve escaped several intimate situations, I’ve always reminded him of his family.  

We’ve never let anyone, from work or our personal lives, find out how important we are to the other. Because that’s the respect we both have for his family and my reputation. What I find extremely strange here is how his wife blindly trusts him.

She is so confident of his loyalty to her, that if he would stray, she would immediately blame it on 'The Other Woman'. She would instantly forgive him. And the worst part about this is that he knows it. That she will accept him, no matter how big a mistake he makes.

Instead of seeing me as 'The Other Woman': you should see me as the one who can never win. He’s never going to leave you for me. I’m going to be left behind, emotionally scarred by a love that was never mine to have. I didn’t want to cross any lines with him, but it happened, and today, I’m still controlling, not only myself, but him too.

If you have the courage to take your untrustworthy husband back, have the courage to look at me, as you would yourself.

I’m a woman who deserves happiness too. And here I am, constantly pushing him away from me: fighting for You.

I don’t want to be a home-wrecker, but your husband should want that too- he shouldn’t be a home-wrecker himself!

I am not made out of stone. Love is a concept that is indescribable to both you and I. But I pray that God gives me the strength to push him away, until the day I decide to walk away. But just remember, if not me, it could be another.

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