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Dear Unrequited Crush, It's Been 3 Years And I'm Still Waiting

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My Dear Crush,

I may not have the prettiest face, but I have a heart that knows how to love.
And it’s chosen you.

You’re going to be the one man, that my heart started loving, and won’t ever find a reason to stop.

When I heard stories about you from our parents, I instantly knew I had to find out more. And that’s when I added you on Facebook.

I can never forget our first conversation.

And then, the endless hours after that, which we spent glued to the phone, chatting or texting.

My Dear Crush,

When I heard about your accident, I was shattered.
I waited with bated breath to find out about your health.
You came home, to rest.

And there wasn’t a minute spent when we weren’t speaking to each other.

Once you recovered and went back to work, our conversations grew less.

Work began taking over your mind, instead of me.

And yet, I waited, for your texts, calls, anything.

My Dear Crush,

I remember that night, that special night when I told you that I loved you.
We spoke till 4 am that night.

You told me to focus on my studies and to achieve my goals, instead of dreaming about you.

My Dear Crush,

Things changed drastically after that.
The calls stopped.
The texts were infrequent.
And now,

It’s been 3 years since I’ve spoken to you.

My Dear Crush,

If I could get one last conversation with you,
I’d tell you how well I was doing, how I’ve excelled in my studies and career.

The world has changed around me, but my heart still yearns for you.

My Dear Crush,

I wish I had the guts to tell you, that I’m waiting, still waiting, for you.

I will be the happiest girl in the world if I get you.

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