Dear Sadhguru, You Taught Me Well But Not Enough To Prevent This

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 29 October, 2017

Namaste Sadhguru,

I don't know if this letter will reach you, but I just want to ask you something. Why was an honest girl who strongly believed in love and patiently waited for it, betrayed by the man she loved? Is this pain all that is left for my life? I prayed to be with him every day, but he betrayed me.

He got engaged this year but continued to talk to me. He got married two weeks ago, but he spoke to me even today.

I didn't know that he was hitched to another girl, otherwise, I would not have entertained him.


He was smart enough to block me from social media and talk to me only through Whatsapp. He told me that he loved me but did not know what the future had in store for us. He was only using me.

I've been your ardent follower for a long time and have tried to imbibe your ideologies in my life.

I have tried to be a positive person and even discussed your teachings with him. In fact, he also follows you and his trust in you made me feel that we were meant to be.

I'm an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna too and I believe that he tried to protect me from this heartbreak by throwing many obstacles in my relationship. But I guess I was blind in love. In fact, when I realized that he was already engaged, I asked him why he cheated on me. He said that he kept dropping hints but I didn't understand them.

He added that despite all this, he loved me and cannot move on in his life without me. He also added that he regrets hurting me and knows that karma will get back to him.
But Sadhguru, all I want to know is that if he realizes all this, then why does he insist on talking to me even after getting married to someone else? Why does he ask about my day and insist that I send him selfies during odd hours? Does he feel no shame in doing this and posting intimate pictures with his wife, all at the same time?

Please tell me what was my mistake in all this? I simply trusted and loved him with all my heart. 

How do I make my parents proud? How do I face my brother who has always looked after me? Will my inner consciousness let me be the person I was without the baggage of my past? Will I ever find my soul mate?

I want to live and want to know the purpose of this life. I'm waiting for a sign or a message from you to show me the right path and guide me forward. 

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