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Dear Papa, Even When You Placed Our Needs Before Your Own, I Was Always Looking

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Dear Papa,

Although, I got married and there is no doubt that my father had chosen the best man for me, but my heart knows that I will always love the first man of my life till eternity, and he is none other than you papa.

You are the strongest, most adorable, and my bundle of joy.

A man of two daughters to whom you always brought up like a son. I know how difficult it was for you to migrate from a small city of Uttar Pradesh towards Delhi and establish yourself. But you did it anyway, for us. You have known me papa for the last 27 years, but for me, since the time I opened my eyes to this world, you have been my only hero. Mummy says that I added rainbows in your life, but the truth is that you were our real rainbow. You taught us all about affection, love, joy, and relationship.

And I couldn’t be luckier to have you as my father.

When I look back at you, I see a man who has always been kind to others, helped family members to strive for their hard work and never let us become stubborn. I know whenever I used to get particular about anything I wanted; you never fulfilled my wishes at that time. You would first let go of my anger, and then help me to sort out my dealings.

Sometimes, you came home so tired due to your busy schedule at the workplace but you always responded to us with a smile. Throughout, I saw a man who believed that his daughters were equal to son and stood against the narrow mentality of people. A man who made sure that we stayed aware of our privileges of life, whether it was regarding education or marriage. Sometimes, I felt annoyed at God for writing so many struggles in your life, but your optimistic attitude assured me that he had planned for the best and every chapter of our life is interlinked with each other. 

People often speak about how much a woman sacrifices, but I believe that sacrifices also share gender equality.

I say that because I have seen my father who has always adjusted his priorities just to make his daughters’ life a privileged one.  Most of his financial savings were used for giving us a better education and getting us married. They say that in Hindu rituals, Kanyadaan is the biggest daan and once it is done, a girl belongs to another family. I am married now and live with my in-laws but deep inside, we both know that I am your daughter first and I will be always there for you.

You believed in us daddy, and both of your daughters are proud of you.

I always wish to my Lord to keep you healthier. This was just a way to express my love for you. I wanted to thank you, papa, for everything you have done for me. From my infancy to worrying about my schooling, staying awake with me to study Times Education for my graduation to studying Times Ascent for a job, and finally reaching out to Times Matrimonial Site, you have always strived for the best for us.

Thank you, papa!

Sincerely your daughter,


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