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Dear Maa, I'm Coming Home And I Hope I Can Give This Letter To You When I See You

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Maa,

First of all I don't know if I'm going to send this letter to you or not. It's been 3 years and life has taken turns in its most comfortably uncomfortable manners. I talk to you every day and sometimes even exchange messages.

 I wish to spill out all my secrets in this letter because there are barely people I can talk to openly about my feelings. The feeling of homesickness or the feeling of missing you or is it the fear of never seeing you again?

I have great friends, the job's great and I enjoy it but now my freedom demands your dominant love for a while. My boss appraises me for the work I do but my work misses your appraisals. The streets are really busy during week days and then I randomly think about you. I know you miss me too but yet you are bold enough not to express. So many questions ponder me which only you can answer but I don't want to do it over the phone.

I miss the sprinkling of water on my face on late Monday mornings. Sundays are the worst as I miss the time I spent at home with your hands ruffling my hair with me sleeping on your lap.

I guess I will never be old for those "cheeky kisses". Living alone has made me a versatile person for sure but with you around, I felt pretty. Without you holding my pain I've become vulnerable to people's thoughts. Coming home late doesn't feel the same now. My fridge is full of beer bottles but the fear of being caught is lost and so there's not much fun in having it. I miss dad for not being around to scold me and also I don't have someone to argue with my rights or wrongs. No one cares much and thus sometimes I end up in the wrong path. The love in the dark eyes of a father is really precious and I miss those eyes that love me but simultaneously make sure I grow stronger.

There is no one to fight around with. The feeling of missing my younger brother makes me feel so lonely. I'm sure you feel the same after seeing the younger one sitting alone on the sofa and watching TV.

Life has become a bit dull lately. I miss my true friends because it's been long I've grabbed a beer with them or had some Mary Jane. The plans and road trips haven't happened in three years but it feels like a lifetime. I may have laughed or may have made people laugh, but to be honest I'm a bit broken inside because I miss your love, the purest of all. I cry on the couch and there's no one to console me. Eating the same food that I make for myself never fails to remind me of your classic taste.

Sometimes coming home tired, I end up eating bread and butter which never happened at home. Smoking the pot occasionally and having a laugh is amazing but the taste of your homemade smoking hot cannelloni is missed. I miss your illogical arguments and my wits have lost all the charm.

My mobile phone which used to be the reason for all my tragedies according to you is not utilised at its best. Every bit of me misses home. Apart from all this I'll never be grateful enough because of what you've helped me with.

Thank you for letting me choose my path of dreams and keeping yours aside. You might know how hard it is and so I wish I could feel you for a while because this freedom without you is boring.

I'm coming home but I'm still unsure if I should bring this letter with me or not. But yes I'm coming maa, I'm coming home! 


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