Dear Friend, I Fell In Love With You But Our Friendship Was The Best Part About Us

Sudeep Giri Sudeep Giri in Life Is Tough on 5 July, 2017

“Why are you so beautiful?” I asked her while looking deep into her eyes. Our legs were hanging down from the top of the building! It was a perfect evening. Cool breeze would mess her hair up and in response she would push back the lock of hair behind her ear and I would fall for her……AGAIN!

Everything around us was so calm. The only sound we could hear was that of the whistling wind. Suddenly I would hear my name being called. But it was not her voice that called me. It was a faint voice that seemed to come from another world and it pierced through my ear and I realized I was dreaming.

Yes! You have made me like this. I get your dream every single time I go to sleep. I hoped to remain in those dreams and did not want to wake up ever again to find out that all this was a lie.

Let me take you back to the time where it actually started. Life was going on as normally as it could possibly go. I used to get up in the morning, go to school, return home to have lunch, sleep, then get up again in the evening and go for my coaching, return home again, have dinner and sleep blah blah blah.

The usual cycle was going on and I was used to it. I didn’t hope for any excitement or fun in life. Until one day I went for my coaching class and found out about two new girls in the class. I didn’t give much attention and slipped into my usual seat and waited for the teacher to come.

The teacher came and asked them for their names and other details. The thing was that they had joined the coaching class in the middle of the session and we had already completed half of our syllabus. So the teacher advised them to take the notes from other students so that they could keep up with the class.

A few days passed and I had no interaction with any of them. I had no reason to do so. One day I had nothing to do at home. So I decided to go to the coaching class and left 30 minutes earlier than usual.


Much to my surprise, I found one of them standing at the main gate. She was waiting for her friend. I hadn’t talked to her earlier. So I went straight inside. But there was no one in the class.

So I decided to talk to her. But I being a shy guy hesitated a bit. I started forming questions in my mind and wondered about what to ask her, how to talk to her or whether she would even respond! These were the thoughts that were going on inside my head. Finally I summoned my courage, but all my preparation went in vain.

The only thing I could manage to say was, “Hey! There is no one in the class. Would you mind coming inside?” Within a second of saying those dreadful words, I realized what a stupid question it was to ask. I mean seriously.

But she said, “Okay. Why not!” Then we went inside and we talked for the first time. It was also the first time I got a closer look at her. Those eyes had a perfect shape and seemed as if they were the exclusive edition. Her lips were perfectly carved and her hair just touched her curved back. “OH GOD! She was damn beautiful!”

We talked about the basic first time things. And after this we became friends on social sites also. Then started the era of never ending chats. We shared almost everything with each other. I would wait for her to come online and the second she'd come, I would ping her. We became really good friends. It was visible to everyone else in the class too and they started teasing us.

We stayed on to remain friends only and that was the best part of our relationship. We didn’t try to make it complicated and ruin it. We never tried to give it any other name.

I just want to tell her,

Your stay at the coaching class was not long. You left midway because you had other dreams to follow. But you know that I had gotten used to you and your presence.

After you left the coaching class, it became boring because I was not able to see you or wink at you or see you smiling or see you not understanding the things that were taught to us. See, these were the things that kept the fire burning and I came to the coaching class with such enthusiasm. It was all lost now.

I poured my feelings on a letter and sent it to you through your friend – the one who was still coming to the coaching class. I guess that was the most embarrassing thing of all.

Your friends laughed at me for doing such a silly thing but that’s okay. I had to get my feelings out. It was you who told me to never live with regrets. If I hadn’t sent that letter to you, I might have regretted it. But now I kind of find it cute.

It took me time to get back to normal again and everything was again on track. But your dreams still haunt me at times. I don’t deny the fact that I like them a lot. But the problem is they fade away as soon as I get up and leave an everlasting pain of not being able to see you in reality.

You made me see the other side of life. I learnt how it can be enjoyed even if we are going through a tough phase. You made it seem easier. You were and will always be a gem in my life.
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