Dear Ex Girlfriend, You Didn't Understand Me But Thank You For Teaching Me This Lesson

Aaditya Lambe Aaditya Lambe in Life Is Tough on 19 June, 2017

Dear Ex,

You’ve taught me a very important lesson in my life and I can’t thank you enough for this.

Love and work are two very different paths and they should stay that way. Both are equally crucial in one’s life, because without a career, life becomes tough and without love, well, there is no life. 

I’ve seen a lot of people chase one or the other and ending up damaging both, or one over the other. It’s a choice that everyone has to make in their life at some point: but priorities matter. And it’s up to the individual to prioritize life. And you know that’s exactly what I did.


You know I’m an ambitious guy. When I met you, I was working with a TV channel and I know, we went through some trying times. I couldn’t talk to you as much as I wanted to and being in the film and television industry, I had to hand over my phone when I entered. It was usually late at night, when we spoke, but for me, it was what I looked forward to the most. I thought it felt right to you too.

When I quit my job, we both thought that we would have more time together. But you knew what I was hit with: my parents on the verge of their separation, their financial troubles, now mine. I thought you understood. I thought you knew what I was dealing with.

That day, when I came to see you at your college, it was because I missed you… Missed just not being the person my parents needed me to be, but just me.

You were kissing someone else. I want to say it was a surprise, but I won’t be honest if I do. Don’t get me wrong, you did break my heart but your explanations, they were worthless. 

I know it seemed like I was picking my career over you, but what you didn’t see was how important it was for me to grow. With what was happening with my family, including leaving my job, I needed a love that was true and would stand by me. As unfair as it would seem, you had your priorities and I have mine.

So, thank you, my dear ex, because the next time I fall in love, I’m going to make sure it’s with someone who will stand by me during the tough times. Because I know that’s what I would do for her.