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Dear Ex Boyfriend, Thank You For Setting Me Free

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Ex,

Thank you.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for setting me free. Free from your lies.

Almost a decade that we were together, we were opposites. Since day one we had nothing in common. I have seen and been with you through your journey — from a rented house to an empire.

A man is known by how he keeps his woman and my dear, you were always restrictive. I followed whatever you wanted me to, till the day I caught you cheating. You promised that day, that never in your life will this happen ever again. It was my mistake that I believed in you. Twice.

You stayed with me at your convenience. You spared your free time but never gave me priority over your work. I never ever, in my wildest dreams, could expect you to turn out the way you did. 

You proved you were good at your profession. Yes, you are a true businessman. You in fact treated your relations as business. You always stood with the people where your needs were met. Your family relations were also need-based. I expected more, alas you are a robot!

My family gave you the love and warmth you required but somehow money and fame took a toll over your head. A pride-filled man whose vision was fully destroyed by money.

I sacrificed the crucial time of my life to make you happy. In return, you gifted me expensive things to make up for the lack of time. A typical trading mindset like a businessman. What mattered to you was your progress.

You were always jealous of any achievement I made. Because even I was a competition in your mind and it hurt your ego if I did well in my career.

Every time I tried to profess you pulled me behind. You motivated the world but always demotivated me, maybe because I didn't pay you enough for the advise.

I always thought that it was going to be me who'll be a misfit in this relationship. I always thought I will mess up because you robbed me off my self-worth. But playing with hearts and minds is your profession. How did I forget all that? All this while I was guilty of whatever happened between us. Thank you for setting me free from that guilt.

I delayed the idea of marriage because I wanted you to face your realities and realise that you are not an epitome of perfection.

Breaking up was acceptable but fixing yourself a new girl right after 10 days of our breakup made it all suspicious. Was it really a 10 day old relationship with her? 10 weeks? 10 months? Some questions are going to haunt me forever.

Two imposters can’t rob the entire world, because intelligence still prevails. I would like to thank you for not wasting my beautiful life and my immense potential by not marrying me. 

After all, an imposter’s company is always an imposter and not a policeman.

Thank you for showing me that there is a life beyond relationships. Thank you for freeing me of the burden of lies and expectations.

I wish you a good life ahead. But remember my Dear Ex, karma is a b****! What goes around comes around.

Just wait for the time till reality hits you on your face and then we will see who has the last laugh.

Yours not-at-all,

The woman you didn't value.

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