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Dear Ex Boyfriend, Thank You For Helping Me Find The Love Of My Life

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Dear Ex Boyfriend,

The story traces long back to the time when we met each other while attending tuition classes during our high school days. I wasn't one of those girls who would hanker after boys, or would long for a platonic relationship. I was different.

I was innocent and I never intended to go against the social customs of my middle-class family. Society is harsh to girls, and I knew that quite well.

You approached my friends, longing to know me, or just have a word with me. Days passed by, and some 'science projects' brought us closer (we were kids then!) The feeling of butterflies in my tummy was new to me. And slowly, I grew fond of it, and of course of you. Never did I think, this little step would leave a scar on me.

Young and ignorant as I was, I accepted you knowing the fact that you were dating someone else. I believed that you truly loved me, and that you were 'the one' for me. As time rolled on, you grew possessive and obsessed about me.

Your anger would frighten me out of my wits.

Yet, the thought of losing you made me hold on to you even stronger. I got rid of my male friends (I had many of them). I avoided anything that would make you angry.

One fine day, you forcefully kissed me. I was a 16 year old girl, still wrapped around with ignorance and innocence. I cried all night, burning with fever. This went on, or rather accrued with time. But I never spoke out, for the fear of losing you. Because I loved you.

I got alienated from all my friends, and I waited for school to end. Happily, it did.

Then you moved far away for your further studies, while I prepared for my further studies at home. Slowly, I felt that you were drifting away. You would switch off your phone, and not answer my calls for days together. I would keep messaging you all day long but you would never answer them. I got restless and would cry my heart out to my friends. My friends would always comfort me, and sometimes ask me to stop waiting for you. They would say that you must be involved with some other girl. But I was never convinced. I trusted you with all my heart, and I always told my friends that you loved me and you always would. Deep inside, a suspicion did arise.

You spent months without talking to me. And one fine day, you wanted this to end. You no longer, wanted me in your life. I accepted your decision, hoping that you would come back to me in no time. And you did. You were the sweetest person I would ever know. One fine day, a girl called me calling me names and asked me to stay away from you. I was perplexed. And then you called me, asked me to stay away from you and told me that you had been involved with her for quite a long time.

We had spent 3 years, and all those 3 years meant nothing to you in just a few seconds. I was broken, and it did take me a long time to get over you.

But now, I am in a place much better than you are, and perhaps you envy me. A year more, and then I will have something added to my name. Doctor. And all throughout this time, I had someone who has always been my best friend, my guide and my support. He has loved me always and has held on to me no matter what.

Yes, you did make me realize what love is. But, he has taught me how to love a person. He accepts my past and has found ways and means for me to deal with it.

He respects me for who I am, and loves me more than anyone else could. He has been with me through thick and thin, through ups and downs, in sickness and in health, in happiness and sorrow, and through success and failure. He has made me realize how much better I deserve and what my worth is. He loves and trusts me beyond doubt, and is still my best friend.

Now I know, friendship and respect are much more important aspects than anything else in a relationship.

No matter how much I write about him, it will never be complete. And do not make the mistake of thinking that I am comparing him with you. He cannot be compared to anyone.

Each time I look at him, I feel proud of the fact that he loves me and I love him. And he makes me feel loved at every step I take.

All I would like to say to you is thank you. Thank you for making me go through all the darkness. It is only after you have gone through the darkness, you come to know what's light. And now when I see him, I can see how bright and illuminated my path ahead is. Thank you for everything. For I would have never found him, if it wasn't for you.

You did make me realize that everything happens for a reason. I have no regrets and no hard feelings. All I have is love for him.

With a lot of gratitude,
The girl, who you changed for good.

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