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Dear Dad, I Still Can't Believe It's Over: I Should've Called

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It's about the bitter truth of not meeting him again. Yes, it's all over. It's been a year now but I still can't get over it. It's the most difficult part of my life, even if I want to, even if I travel seven seas across, I won't be able to meet, talk, feel or even see him. My dad, he is now a past or is he history now?

I don't know but I wish he would have stayed for longer. There were so many things I had to share with him. He left everything midway.

After his death, I realised the importance of family, friends and everyone around me. Now I know, if we loose someone to death, the loss is permanent. Neither our love nor money can get the lost person back.

My mum says he's become a crow now. She feeds crows everyday, if one day the crow doesn't come to eat her food, she feels sad. She thinks he's busy, angry or maybe has flown somewhere far away. That's her way of missing him. How I wish, we had gadgets or maybe apps that could bring our loved ones back to us.

We take people for granted, we run behind silicone happiness and forget to value the real people of our lives. I want to call my dad, want to hear his voice to tell him how my day was but it's too late because his number is now out of range. Dad, I miss you so much

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