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Dear Crush’s Ex Girlfriend, I Hate You

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Crush’s Ex Girlfriend,

Some scars take a lifetime to heal and they still end up hurting just the same. You gave him unbearable scars. How did your heart allow you to hurt the one person who gave up everything in his life for you — his friends, his family, his goals, ambitions everything.

Did you never notice the innocence in his eyes? The profound love he carried around oh-so-proudly in his heart for you. The sweet things he still says about you, the memories he still cherishes, say a lot about what he felt for you.

Yes he's the guy you very conveniently assumed would never be rich, also the man you didn't find gentlemanly enough to get married to. I have never seen a more chivalrous guy in my life. 

Didn’t your heart tear apart when you said to him that you didn't want to be with him anymore? Didn’t your bones just crack under the weight of not only breaking a beautiful heart but also a beautiful soul?

This guy, who you casually broke into two still doesn’t want to believe that in these three years of relationship, you were just playing around with him for attention in the new school you had just joined. You were with him to fulfil your stupid desires. You were just with him to pass your time in the new city. Strangely enough, you told him this yourself but his heart still doesn't believe it.

I wish your heart also broke into a zillion pieces before you had the audacity to call him and say that you were dating someone else — a guy who was much better and richer than him.

I tried my best to make him move on but no, he is still the gem you loved. The only transformation this gem has been through is that he doesn’t believe in love anymore. He is too afraid to fall in love again. He is afraid of that feeling of someone he loves truly walking away again.

Why did you make him see the stars when you couldn’t see them yourself? Believe me I see them but he has given up on love and I am too stubborn to give up on him.

I wish you could walk into his life once just to see him happier than he was with you. If not with me, with somebody else who would love him with all his imperfections and would heal his wounds. And I am going to be with him, if not as his partner, as his friend for life.

Yours hatefully,

From somebody who loves your ex more than you ever could.

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