Dear Crush, You Didn't Have To Break My Heart

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 3 March, 2017

Dear Crush,

I refer to you as my "crush", but that's what I am not sure about. When I tell people about you, and my feelings for you, some call it love, some call it teenage-infatuation.

I never asked for this to be requited or reciprocated but ever since it happened, I don't think I've been happier.

It was just stupid of me to think that the universe is going to grant me what I want with no effort whatsoever. Yes, I was wrong. When you told me you want to go out with me, on that moonlit night, I skipped a heartbeat, or rather lost my whole goddamn heart. Without delaying even for a moment, I agreed.


I should have thought more about it. Well, being the stupid person I am, I agreed. And now you are here, ignoring me, avoiding me, making me feel like crap. We have the same classes and you never once glance at me, whereas all I do is stare at you like a creep. Why did you give me expectations when you never had the motive to keep it?

They say the best way to lose a crush is by dating them. But that, my friend, makes no sense. If anything, my feelings just got fonder. I hate you, but I hate me more for putting myself through this.

And that's the problem, I can't seem to stop loving you. You could've just let me be. You didn't have to break my heart. Because doesn't it hurt when someone takes you to the rooftop, luring you with their charm and then push you off the roof?

Yes, that's what you did to me. 

Yours truly,
A whipped lovebird.