Dear Best Friend: I Don't Want You To Walk Away

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 16 July, 2017

Dear Best Friend,

I need you to understand me. 

I know I’ve been wrong in the past about some things, but that doesn’t mean that I’m always wrong. I don’t and shouldn’t be changing for others around me – you should be the one to understand and appreciate this fact about me.

You should be the one encouraging me to be myself.


Don’t get me wrong, I know you care about me: but having said that, a lot has changed, and we need to accept the fact that we aren’t the same people we used to be.

Everyone is going through something in their lives, and we need to face this and more importantly, accept this.

I don’t care when I find out that others are speaking about me behind my back- what hurts the most is when the people who know me do this.

Of course, I hurt easily.


I don’t show it and may stop talking for a while, but that doesn’t mean that I’m always angry.

This anger wears off easily, and sometimes, I stay away from you so I don’t end up hurting you.

You’ve always been my strength.

I don’t want you to walk away when I’m wrong, I’d be happier if you stood by me and corrected me.

If you encouraged me to say or do the right things. Were honest with me.


I need to know that you’ll never stop looking out for me, because that’s a scary thought, and I can’t fathom what would happen to me if that ever came true.

People do get busy with their lives and we never know who stays with us in the long run: I understand and accept this.

But this doesn’t mean that we don’t think about our present while worrying about the paths in our future.

Tomorrow and every day after that, I want you as my best friend.

And I’ll always be thankful for those days when you took the time to understand me, take care of me and loved me.