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Cancer Chose Me When I Was 27 And Here's How I Fought Back

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You don’t know where it comes from or why it chose you. But you have to fight this enemy. I was diagnosed with 1st stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a kind of white blood cell cancer, at the age of 27.

I was devastated the day I found out, googled it, thought the worst. And then came Day 2, and from that day to today, I have only imagined the best for myself. I believe that you have to make peace with the disease for the medicine to work on your body.

Unfortunately, I know a few people who live in denial of the illness itself. But acceptance is the only thing that will let you move forward in your treatment.

One of the hospital nurses working on my case once told me that the medicine is just 25% of the job done. The remaining 75% is what you imagine the medicine to be doing for you.

So I treated my medicine as a superpower, which soon turned out to be the same for me. I came clear after ten rounds of chemotherapy. Along with it began the excruciating loss of hair, skin deterioration, and persistent weakness.

However, with each stage, I loved myself a little more for pushing through so much. The worst seemed done away with anyway. Now was the time to get better. Manifestation helped me a lot through my journey. Support of friends and family and the love and inspiration from others alike after being vocal about my disease helped me heal faster. I never considered alternate therapy as a treatment, but yes, it gave me the strength to tackle chemotherapy and recover from it.

How cancer bettered my judgment of myself is what I talk about in my blog.

I aim to normalize being diagnosed with cancer. It is not taboo. You can have cancer and yet lead a happy life after treatment.

God blessed me with twins, two years after my treatment. So, I received double the happiness for even half of the time that I might have lost.

Lastly, we are not lost causes. We are the light at the end of the tunnel, only if you believe in it!

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