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What It Really Feels Like To Be Constipated And Why You Must NEVER Hide It

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You sit for a long time sweating inside, but it doesn't happen...You strain with all your muscular power to push it down, but all in vain! 'What restlessness at the beginning of the day...' You Sigh!

Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about 'Constipation'. That's a topic that no one is talking about, but you need to. I've personally encountered constipation and you won't believe that it was just the scary beginning of all my Colorectal dysfunctions and now I am a fighter with multiple anal surgeries.

Recently, I went under the knife to treat a condition called 'Recto Vaginal Fistula (RVF)', a frustrating condition in which a tract is formed by itself connecting the rectum and vagina and the tissues in between are torn and you keep discharging yellow/brown colour secretion which you can call 'pus'. Sometimes you get faecal particles or you even pass out gas through your vagina. Sounds sickening? When you have a right hole for these, your body behaves stupidly, redirecting them just because you have another.

Not only RVF, I've already been through various surgeries for anal and rectum related ailments, ranging from haemorrhoids to anal fistula.

The horror story of my anal canal began with the painful episode of chronic constipation nearly 15 years back! The sight of the toilet will itself be a nightmare when you suffer from such a condition! Passing stools will feel like it's burning your anal canal with acid. Every bowel movement will be like delivering clots of fire. And that was just a start that eventually opened doors to many complicated Colorectal disorders. So now, from my experience, I want to spread awareness on this particular topic and as we all know, "Awareness is Prevention".

I have got something to say to you. Oh dear, please listen!

Don’t be embarrassed to speak out if you have constipation or symptoms of haemorrhoids (Piles). Speak out to your dear ones and sort them out. Because more than your embarrassment, your health matters.

You won’t believe me. Being a woman, whenever I share my story, 3 out of every 10 women tell me secretly, they too struggle with constipation and they ignore it. 

Sometimes it's due to lack of awareness but most of the times, it’s due to embarrassment of being known about it in public. Girls, don’t be silent sufferers. Anus is after all, a part of your human body. Don’t be ashamed because we all need to sh**.

And if at all you’re raising children in your home and if you ask them every day about “What happened in school?”, “Did you eat your lunch properly?”, don’t forget to also ask “Did you poop today? Was it easy or constipated?” Let them grow up without any stigma to talk and be heard on this issue. Let them understand that constipation is not a one-day problem. It has adverse effects.

#Kickoutconstipation is a digital awareness campaign I have created to spread the message through slogans and it has started doing the rounds on social media. So here are 14 legit reasons why you must talk about constipation more openly.

#1. Let's talk about constipation. It's a common ailment that's commonly hidden. 

#2. Half of the population cry inside the bathroom because of constipation.

#3. Unrelieved emotional commotion and physical constipation brings you unexplainable aches and pain.

#4. Like Diarrhea, constipation is also a serious concern! Wake up! 

#5. Don't make fun if she says she didn't poop. She is struggling with an ailment and the pain is deep.

#6. Don't crown yourself for calling it determination when you secretly battle constipation. Enema is first needed in your mind, not a**! 

#7. When you aren't able to pull the s#*t out of you, it means you've screwed up with your lifestyle. 

#8. Don't cry out when you can't poop. Fruits,vegetables and fiber will help. 

#9. When you don't eat right, your poop goes on a strike.

#10. Drink warm water to stimulate your bowel function. Straining isn't a healthy option! 

#11. Balanced Nutrition and Hydration keeps a check on constipation.

#12. Exercise helps, straining doesn't. 

#13. Say NO to junk, eat greens.

#14. Both procrastination and constipation are detrimental. Act NOW! 

This post was submitted by Charanya Rengarajan.

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