A Note To My Lover's Wife: Thank You For Making Me Realise I Was Just An Option

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 24 August, 2017

It was the beginning of a story with some lies and unwanted trust. I met him through a common friend at a party in his house. Meeting him was unexpected and I had never thought that it will be a wrong decision. While leaving the party, he asked for my number.

I gave it to him knowing that he was married. I started receiving calls everyday. I was told that it was a forceful marriage and that he was not happy. I started falling for him. We often exchanged messages.

One fine day, he finally shifted with his wife in the same city. That's when I saw a revolution. I got no replies to my messages. My calls weren't received. That day was a revolution. His behaviour was completely changed. My calls were not answered, the reality shattered me.


This is a thank you note to my Lover's wife. Thanks for joining him. Your presence revealed the truth. The forceful marriage was adopted as a reality wherein the love was just forgotten.

It is only because of you that I realised that I was a mere option during your absence. It wasn't even friendship but a temporary replacement.

I trusted a wrong person and I paid for it. Thank you for coming back. I hope you are treated with true love and feelings. It's a goodbye letter from me to this fake relationship and thanks to the one who revealed the truth.