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A Letter To My Second Love: Thank You For Holding Me Tight When I Needed You The Most

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Much has been spoken, versed and written about the first love in general. What we fail to acknowledge is the greatness of a second chance that enters in disguise and completes the picture that was once left half painted.

They say first love cannot be forgotten. May be it cannot happen, but it can be buried under the true love. 

Dear love,

I know right now you must be in a terrible state of shock finding this letter addressing you, because as you always said I am so (practically) unromantic to pen something like this down. But sometimes it is easier to write a lot of things than say them. And today is one such time, when I want to express what I feel about you and to let you know, how much you matter to me! (Ahh I'm so clichéd, I laugh at myself for this.)

It has been around four years of togetherness, we met when I was at my worst. Struggling to come out of my past that had sucked all my happiness and left me like a wrung cloth just like the dementors do.

I met you when I was in the most emotional phase yet the most practical exterior, when I had given up on forevers.

When we were friends, you let me vent out all my pain without judging me, which my other friends wouldn’t allow me to. You let me know that it is perfectly okay to have breakdowns, to let me know anything and everything can be spoken out in front of you.

Falling for you wasn’t instantaneous, it was gradual unlike the first one. But it was involuntary, in fact I tried to resist but I couldn’t. I had the fear of falling although I knew you would catch me. It was not driven by teenage hormones this time. It might have not been that crazy, mad and lovey as before but yes it was love, to last.

When you have already painted a picture in your mind with someone, it is practically very difficult to re-live it with another person and realizing that the latter made the picture even more colourful. You shunned all my insecurities with your existence. It was time consuming but the journey was worth it.

I have always believed a good relationship can do you a lot of good and one bad can destroy you easily. So, thank you, for freeing my soul from all the worries, sadness and letting the light enter. Thank you for always being there when I needed someone. And thank you for making me realise that I can keep my doors open for happiness to knock on my door once again. 

I have always resisted myself and held myself back from expressing how I felt. Although I know you totally know what I feel about you, this one is for the well deserved you.

Yours truly x

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