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A Letter To My Little Brother: I Gave You Presents But You Gave Me Life Lessons

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Hey, Fatty!

What’s up with you these days? Well, I know what you are up to, HOGGING, right? You will not change, and I know food will always be your first love. But man, please think of something else too, about studies, mom, dad and if you have time, then try calling me up sometime.

Fatty! You know, so much has changed in me in all these years I have stayed away from home, mom and dad, and from you. I miss you, but not like mom and dad ok! Warning: don’t try and pull my legs because of this mushy and girly letter. I know your first sneer would be, “you are a kid”, and then you will give out your gigantic laughter.

Yes, I have become a child, and you my younger brother, you have turned into a man.

What a reversal of time right? Don’t worry, I haven’t started to cry yet, although the thoughts that are pouring out is definitely pulling my emotional trigger. How did you grow up so fast? I mean, physically you always resembled not less than a sumo wrestler. Please don’t kill me again my “sumo wrestler”. But, tell me, how did you grow up into a mature and understanding guy?

I still remember how we both used to fight like cats and dogs, for almost every reason. Do you remember how we fought over the paneer pieces? I used to hide the paneer pieces under my rotis and wait till you finish your part, and then slowly I would take out the hidden pieces and show it to you and eat, tempting you for another fight! And then, mom would run behind us with her sturdy stick, to beat us up!

Crazy when you think of it now right? It just brings a small glow to my face when I think of those times; I miss it all. Do you remember how I used to make you work and then bribe you with the TV remote, and then later ditch you by watching my favourite cartoon. You would keep crying, and I'd not give it to you. Well, those are the perks you get when you are an elder sister!

I know I used to be very selfish, always making you the scapegoat for my mischiefs and got you beatings from dad. But, why did you always have to be the GAUTAM BUDDHA? Why did you not tell mom and dad that it was not you but me who did everything?

Well, if I ask you now, you will probably joke around and say, “I AM THE SUPERMAN, or I WAS THE SUPERMAN, and hence saved you from the beatings.” But do you have any idea how pathetic I feel now, for making you the scapegoat. Yes, yes, it was all in the past, and we were all kids; but I was stupid, I didn’t understand then, but I understand now.

I now know what guilt is, and as an elder sister, I was selfish to you, my little brother. I know, I can never come down and say sorry to you. I still have an ego, to admit that I care for you. But, I am going to do this through this letter. It is a little late, and I am 26 now, and you are 19, but better late than never. I am Sorry. Sorry for being the mean sister to you.

Enough of making fun of this letter. I know this is not me, I never admit stuff easily, and you have always advised me to come out of the imaginary shell and rise. Brother, I remember the time when dad had a significant loss in his business, and it was Durga Puja. You were hardly 6 years old, and I was 13. Everyone got new clothes, our cousins and friends flaunted their new clothes and shoes to us. But our family was lamenting of the big loss.

We were kids to comprehend what was going on but we could feel the tension in the house. Dad would always have his head hung in shame and sit in the balcony without talking to anyone, and mom would always be in the puja room. One morning grandpa had come to our house to give us Durga puja presents. He gave you 1000 Rupees and 1500 to me.

As usual, I was selfish, I saw my "new clothes’" before my family needs. I jumped with joy and asked mom to buy me a new pair of shoes. And when mom tried to explain to me the situation, I screamed at her and left the room. But you, my brother — you gave your share to mother and asked her to use it for groceries.

How old were you, just 6? Such a disgrace to the family I was. How could you be more mature than me? I was supposed to me more understanding as I was the elder one, but you became the elder one, maybe not with age, but with your thoughts.

I just get this hate feeling about myself when I think of that episode. Today, I want to tell you, since that day, I started respecting you. You might not have realised it but I started taking your opinions for every decision in my life, directly or indirectly. As a sister to you, I may not have given anything to you except the shoes and watches I order online time and again. But you have given me lessons, life lessons.

You showed me how to keep relations above your ego. Being the youngest in the family, you always made mom, dad and me proud with your humility. I know, you will make a good husband and an excellent father one day.

Sending you loads of love and a few warnings from my end. Firstly, do not make fun of this letter or else you might just get killed by me. Secondly, if you show this letter to mom or dad, I will share your “potty incident’ with everyone. Last but not the least, if you video call me on Whatsapp after reading this letter, I will block your number.

Signing off FATTY,

Yours “faithfully”,
Hitler Didi.

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