We Were A Happy Family Until My Brother Got Married To A Woman Who Destroyed Everything

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 26 June, 2017

My brother got married to a girl who hailed from Bikaner. He was engaged to her for four long years before their marriage. It was a typical arranged affair.

We were a happy family and we welcomed the new member with open hearts. My parents loved her more that they loved me. Yeah, I was quite jealous. But nonetheless I was more than happy as I thought I was getting a new friend with whom I will share everything.

Me and my brother work in Bangalore, away from our parents' home. I welcomed her on her first day, decorated their room, made all the preparations, and surprised her with some gifts so that she doesn’t feel alone in the new house. A month passed and I started having my night shifts. She used to cook lunch and I handled dinner so that work got equally divided.


My brother and my parents had spent a huge part of their savings on the marriage and therefore my brother was trying to manage his finances. Whenever he asked me for any financial help, I used to contribute. I told my sister-in-law that I will never be her Bhabhi because I wanted to be her friend. I gave her a nickname-“Angel”.

Things changed after a month. She started ignoring me, stopped giving me food and acting weird. I thought she wanted privacy. So I used to leave her alone with my brother on weekends so that the newly married couple could enjoy. After a few days, my health was deteriorating and so I decided to go to my parents' house. She even wanted to go to her paternal home. My brother asked me to take her along with me and my parents would have dropped her to her house. I came back to Bangalore after a week and she came after a month.

After she came back, we observed a huge change in her behavior. She was rude. She ignored me. I kept on thinking what my mistake could be. I tried to impress her by getting her chocolates, cakes and ordering food from outside, taking her to a parlor but nothing helped.

One evening she started shouting at me for no reason. My brother tried to calm her down and asked her not to abuse. But she didn’t listen. I had tears in my eyes.

My mom got to know about our fight and immediately called me. What could my answer be? I said I don’t know why she did this to me. I actually had no clue. My father asked me to book a ticket for our hometown and come back home. But my brother begged me not to go and so I didn’t. He even asked her to settle things with me and not to spoil the relationship. She said sorry that day.

The very next day she called her father and told him everything. She lied to him and blamed our family completely. Her father called and emotionally blackmailed my parents by calling my brother “impotent”. My parents didn’t talk to my brother as they somehow believed them. My mom told me everything so that I could take care of my so called Bhabhi.

My parents waited till Raksha bandhan as my brother and I asked our parents to celebrate the festival together in Bangalore. We planned a long family trip, but just a week before that she created a mess by shouting at me. I was shocked. My brother took me downstairs in the garden and asked me to explain the whole matter.

I told him that her father was threatening our parents by calling my brother impotent. My brother just told me everything - that how an inexperienced guy was taking time to learn about SEX and she wanted to get intimate like an animal. As a decent guy he was still trying to satisfy her sexual urge.

Now everything was crystal clear. She just wanted to break our family by hook or by crook. My parents came and spoke with her, but instead of listening to them, she started blaming me and my family for spoiling her life. My brother told my parents how she threatened him to leave the house, how she used to abuse him, which resulted in stress and made him hate her.

He also went to the doctor so that he could assure her that everything was fine in their sexual life. Even the doctors suggested her to be understanding and to give him some time so that things could work out, but she wasn’t ready to listen to anybody.

One day she had a huge argument with my parents and she left our home with her relatives. When she was leaving, she said, “Mujhe ghar se nikal rahe ho”. My parents didn’t say that. They never wanted a separation. She was the best at creating drama. Thank god I was wise and I recorded the whole conversation of that day on my cell phone. After some days of her leaving the house, she messaged my brother, "humare beech mein toh sab sahi tha na par apke parents ne hume alag kar dia baby”.

She went back to Bikaner and lodged a FAKE dowry case against my family. She abused my family at the police station in front of everyone. The case is still running.

Although we have all the proof, the law supports her. 
Author's Note:

My family has faced a lot. I hope that she gets punished for what she has done.

Editor's Note:

Share this story so that people get to know that not every time it is the man who is wrong.