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We Broke Up Because Our Faith And My Unborn Child Paid The Price For It

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I come from a middle-class family, I am the youngest child of my parents and the younger sister of my two elder brothers. My love story started during my office days. I met him in my workplace while we had our desks on different floors. On my floor, his friends were seated beside me, and they called him 5-6 times in a day. Most of the time, I would pick up his calls, because I would be sitting near the phone.

As time swiftly passed by, one day I came across him on the stairs after our lunch break. He asked me if I like his friend who sat behind me, but I cleared it to him that I have no feelings for him, and that I also didn't know if he had any feelings for me. After a few days, we became good friends and then even best friends. I always shared my secrets, thoughts, and feelings with him. I felt very safe and secure with him.

Whenever I felt sad and upset, he always around to help me solve my problems. He ensured that he kept me happy. He proposed me one fine day and confessed his love for me. We start our chats with Gmail at the time of Facebook and Whatsapp. After that, we exchanged our numbers and were chatting all through our days and nights on Whatsapp. As we were working together in the same company and same building, we would take lunch together. As time went by, he told me about his marriage. He said that after a few months he was getting married to another girl who is from the same religion as him.

We could not get married because we belong to different cultures and religions. This is the biggest problem with us Indians.

I can never forget the time and moments that I spent with him. During these years that I spent with him, I got pregnant and I aborted our child because we could never get married. Now he is married, and I still love him. I am totally devastated due to my problems and life. I cried all night on his wedding night. I cried from the bottom of my heart. I still love him, we are still working together, and we have lunch together daily. Our entire office knows about us because we always roam around together in the office after our lunch breaks. He loves his wife and is happy with her now. They both want a baby, but he always tells me that he still loves me and cares about me.

I also love him a lot, but I am totally broken. When he tells me about his romance and wife, I die a little inside each time. Yet I always manage to smile and show him my happy face.

I don't want to leave him, I can't live without him, but our destiny doesn’t want our alliance. I know that he also loved me but maybe not anymore. He is too busy with his marriage to care about me. I have a lot of love for him in my heart, so I do not want to see him with anyone else. I am trying my best to live without him. I think one day I will manage to forget him and be happy without him.

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