We Are Not Afraid But We Can't Ever Ask Our Parents To Get Us Married

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 15 July, 2017

We spent our bachpan and jawani together. We went to the same school, and even our fathers went to the same school! I have known him and loved him all my life, and he loves me like there's no tomorrow. But that's just the truth. For us, there is no tomorrow. 

15 years we have known each other, we share our roots in our beloved hometown, and we won't be getting married because our parents don't want us to have a 'love marriage'. We were classmates, family friends, enemies, partners in crime, best friends, and soulmates. But we are not of the same caste. 

We have been together in all kinds of situations, bravely and with a heavy heart, because this is not going to last forever. He used to tell his friends that I am the only girl who can take care of his family in his absence, that he can happily spend the rest of his life with me without worry. I have always believed that he is the only man who can love me under any circumstances.


We're like any other couple. We fight and we make up, we face problems and we fight them through. We are not perfect, but our love is. We love food, shopping, and travelling. We just want the simplest life possible, but only with each other.

We are not even thinking of asking our parents' permission. We are not afraid, but we know that they won't agree. I'm my parents' only daughter, he is his parents' only son. Our parents have all their dreams pinned on us. I really don't know how love marriage can spoil their names in the society, but for their sake, for society's sake, we will be sharing our beds with strangers for the rest of our lives. Just for the sake of society and some bullshit arranged marriage, we can't spend our lives together.

I love the person I have known since childhood but I have to sacrifice everything for a stranger. I don't know where else to go, what else to do, or how else to cry. But this is my story.
Editor's Note:

Surely, you understand that you must share this story because there are still places where love is shame.