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This Is How I Met My Mr. Perfect But Here's Why I Was Not Allowed To Be His Mrs. Perfect

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*For representational purpose only.

Every girl dreams of her Mr. Perfect, no thanks to Jane Austen. This conversation would almost never come to an end: his personality, his looks, his humor… this list is almost always endless.

I’ve been born and brought up in a conservative family, but was always given the freedom and space that I needed to grow as an independent girl. I’m also the only child, so the love showered on me was well, way more than I could ask for!

But despite all this love and care, something was missing. Rather someone. I wanted my Mr. Perfect. And he entered my life when I least expected it.

Aardhik (name changed) and I were family friends. We barely spoke even though we used to meet often. One day, he borrowed my scooter, and just like that, a regular casual text about my scooter turned into good morning texts, which turned into daily updates about our lives and soon into him asking me to marry him.

Unlike what I had dreamt of, there was no going down on one knee or with a romantic backdrop, he just asked, and it was all that I needed: him expressing his love for me.

I wanted to say yes, no, I wanted to scream YES! But I knew I had to speak with my parents first. I couldn't have taken a decision that big without them.

No was their answer. Even though every part of my body wanted to protest this, I was silent. He accepted their decision. He didn’t want to disrespect them by doing anything without their approval.

The reason? He was of another caste.

Years of friendship between the two families suddenly seemed to mean absolutely nothing. We thought we should wait, give them time, but time was not on our side.

I’m sitting here and writing this, while he, well… Love knocked on his door and this time, when he answered, it was a lovely girl who had no qualms about anything- and wanted just one thing, to be in love with him.

He was hesitant at first, but he knows he’s always going to be my best friend, and I, his. And so, he said yes to his, now, Mrs. Perfect.

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