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Why Religion Will Always Matter To Humans: The ONLY Thing That Might Change For Them Is This

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How it all started? How Earth came into the picture? How life happened on Earth, & how Homo sapiens came into existence? Well, as assumptions made by Science, a big explosion is known as “The Big Bang” happened and millions of particles were separated from a core. One of such particles was Earth. However, it was initially as hot as the core, but millenniums down the line it became cold and favorable for life.

However, my question is different — Are you 100% sure that something like this could have happened? Certainly not! It’s just one in a million chance. The probability of this theory being true is equal to you getting an orgasm, shitt, piss and sneeze at the same time.We still believe in it. Don't we? Well, the point being — no story is perfect, just like no human can be perfect. It’s when we start believing in it, miracles tend to happen.

It’s the same case with RELIGION. We tend to believe in those miracles and there the religion is formed. 

Starting from how things possibly went. Initially, the first creatures were jelly-like animals that lived in water. Then ages after, dinosaurs came. After the age of extinction of dinosaurs came the first animal, which could possibly be our ancestors. Well, they lived in jungles just like any other animal. They didn’t have the power to reason out. They were scared of large animals, nights, etc. They were equally INTELLIGENT as other counterparts of the jungle. Then, centuries later, a small accident ruined everything. In Science, we call it 'Genetic Mutation'. For the first time on the planet, a species was born that had a much higher number of neurons than any other animal present, and it was by accident. Due to these neurons, they had the power of reasoning. They are still the only species that have the power of reasoning. Had any other species met with an accident, they could have dominated the world. However, they had started reasoning out everything that they could see, feel or urge to persuade anything.

They were curious in every aspect of life, they were curious to know what’s behind the mountains, where the Earth ends, where the universe starts. Well, their power of reasoning gave them an edge over all the other species present on the planet.

However, reasoning alone wasn’t sufficient; they needed to find the answers to all those questions. The next generations strive to find the answers to all the questions that were raised ages ago. They started making theories, but human nature itself doesn’t believe in anything without a proof or superstition. There had to be some logic in the theories that were formed, if not logic they had to give examples, and what’s a better example than giving stories that people can relate to. I mean that's how 'virality' also works these days, doesn't it?

So to prove their theories, they started creating stories. Stories of nature, sun, moon, earth etc. Whatever they could see around themselves, they turned them into stories. Not all theories were accepted by them, neither were all the stories. Whereas some stories became popular because people started believing in them, nobody ever cared about the theories. The common people always cared about the stories more, and as we all know, belief is the most important destructive tool for a man. They believed in those stories and thus, miracles started happening. Then there were natural disasters that were happening, of course, it happens on earth. But, why? They even created theories related to that and stories in which they build characters that were governing the natural process. That is the reason, why every religious book has things written about nature and the owners of nature.

Be it with Zoroastrianism, Hinduism or Greek mythology, every religion has its roots connected to nature, and the reason being simple enough — they wrote what they saw.

During those times, people were still disconnected. There was no communication between one part and another. For crying out loud, even a huge land of mass as America was found by mistake. Nevertheless, people had to communicate among themselves in whatever group they were. And that is when they started developing languages. For every group, there was a different way for communication. And that’s obvious; these stories were written in their corresponding languages. That’s why there is a different owner of the same thing written in different languages.

The next generations gave these fictional governors of nature a name… that's GOD for you, my friends. 

Now these stories of Gods, which were all fictional stories from different languages in some asSSpects, said the same things (that’s why we have similarities between religions). This advanced generation was more anxious about their ancestors' stories than anything else. This is a process that still continues. Human nature is that nobody can easily digest that someone is better than them, and this was about their ancestral beliefs. No one knew the truth; still, no one was accepting that this is false. Thus, RELIGION was formed.

The more the number of people speaking similar languages, the more prominent the religion became. That is one of the reasons why there was a sharp rise in the population of the human beings in the latter half of the history. Everyone wanted to spread their religion as love, they still have the same demand. That’s how people started becoming their own enemies and countries were formed.

Naturally, there are no land borders, there is no Pakistan and there is no India, there is no Israel and there is no Palestine. All for one and one for all, that was nature’s demand. But, as earlier said, one small mutation was enough to ruin this world.

Now the question is if religion actually exists, why doesn’t it talk about modern day problems? Why doesn’t it talk about terrorism, nukes and world wars? That’s where the key point ends. As generations passed by, nothing was immortal, except the stories. It was these stories that connected previous generations to the next. Stories never die, that's a popular belief. Let’s come to present times, when we are facing such war-torn world. People are talking about nukes, wars, terrorism, jihad, Mars, aliens etc. The main point being we think that we are all developing the world, but in fact, we are running it. The world is getting narrower and the pressure on the environment is immense. It is just like a sand-timer. We think that we are developing so we will always be at top of the sand and would be able to block the path of the sand to go down. Nevertheless, we forget that like water, sand also creates its own path. The time will definitely come when we will go extinct from this planet. Come on, if creatures like dinosaurs can go extinct, anybody can.

Believe me, the sand in our quarter is not much, we don’t have much time.

However, when the human race will go extinct, a new race will form, which will be much more advanced than us. Their quarter would be full of sand. However, there will still be a connection between us and them. The connection will be the STORIES that we are busy writing and will leave behind. It will be these stories that will become their religion. There won’t be a Jesus, Prophet or Shiva for them.

Their Gods will be Nukes, atom bombs and disasters.

It’s our duty to make a good plot out of the present situation, so that 2000 years from now, the species living on this planet won’t be as dumb as we are. Sadly, the vicious cycle will still continue. And you can't do shit about it!

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