Their Stars Didn't Match But They Did And That's All That'll Ever Matter

Monika Lokhanday Monika Lokhanday in Culture Shock on 25 December, 2016

They loved each other madly, but couldn’t imagine getting married against their parents’ wishes.

Rahul’s father was adamant. Namrata belonged to a lower caste. His family had a reputation to maintain.  “It’s only an infatuation. This too shall pass,” he would calmly tell Rahul.

Namrata’s family, however, was modern in their thinking, owing to a large number of 'love marriages' in their caste. After a lot of convincing, Rahul’s family caved in. But they were still wary of whether Namrata would be able to adjust to their traditions and culture and carry forward the lineage in the future, considering she would be the eldest daughter-in-law. Now that the hindrance of caste was looked after, Rahul’s relatives, who were priests, were ready to find 'the fault in their stars'. They wanted to check their kundalis before the parents met to make things official.

Thanks to technology, knowing it would be a big deal, they decided to check their ‘compatibility’ based on their kundalis. Rahul and Namrata promised each other to not let this come in between their love.

Their ‘score’ wasn’t up to the mark. With the number of gunas matching, their married life won’t last. Rahul panicked thinking about how his family members would react. He started sweating like a pig and moving his body like a mad man.

Namrata was shocked to see this side of Rahul. She slapped his head and welcomed him back to reality. Rahul thought of dates to cheat his family priests. When he entered a different date of birth for his wife, if the number of gunas matching went up, she would be manglik.

Rahul tried to convince her that her being manglik was better than just a meagre number of gunas matching. She could marry a tree like they said Aishwarya Rai did and live happily ever after. Namrata laughed at his weird suggestions and convinced him to talk to his parents about it, openly.

And they won the battle of the stars. Rahul’s father told the entire family that he didn’t want to question his son’s love for Namrata owing to age-old, obsolete practices. He said he knows what they share is pure. He cited examples of couples in the family who left each other even after having 18 matching gunas.

Rahul messaged Namrata the news and she was more elated to see this than she was when Rahul went down on his knees, asking for her hand for marriage. She told her parents it was time to make this official. Rahul and Namrata are happily married today. Rahul’s father feels prouder by the day as he sees them together.

Author's Note:

The only thing that can keep two people together is the love they have for each other, understanding, respect and faith. When kids are born into a family, their kundalis aren’t matched with their parents’, but they are still loved unconditionally. That's how one should look at marriages too, in my opinion. I am not questioning our culture in this story, but all I am trying to say is, in the end, love overcomes all hurdles. They may seem like the end of the world, but once you cross them, you realise they were nothing but pointless.

Editor's Note:

This common story had an uncommon ending. But families don't usually step aside from the ideas of getting their children's kundalis checked. Caste system still prevails. Share this story if you think it's time we bid goodbye to traditions that cause more harm than good.