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The Only Place I Can Be With My Love, Is Not In My Country

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It was the 19th of August and I was at the end of a four-year-long relationship. I knew my boyfriend was cheating on me and at that point, I was tired of faking it.

I would hate girls who would just move on after a break-up; then I became one of them. After crying for 7 consecutive nights, I landed up on a dating site where I started speaking to this guy. After 5 minutes of talking, he figured that I was upset and asked me why. I told him about what had happened.

He told me he wants to be my friend and stay in touch. I did not want to disclose my identity but he insisted and I felt like trusting him.

I gave him my contact number and we started talking for long hours. It was magical.

He was a Muslim and that made me certain that nothing could actually happen between us.

But then came the night he proposed, "I will cook Maggie and food for you, you just need to stand by my side" and I was shocked.

I tried to maintain a distance after this but the more I tried, the closer we became.

I finally said yes. My brain wanted to say no but my heart just wouldn’t listen.

During my exam time, he would stay up until 5 am for me to finish my studies and talk to him. He would even put me to sleep.

When I got a corn surgery and was in extreme pain, he sent me gifts and flowers. It meant the world to me. He even flew down to Chandigarh to meet me. Those were the best three days of my life. From dawn to dusk things were so beautiful.

I don’t know what lies ahead of us but we will try everything we can to stay together. He is now moving to Canada because we think if we continue to live in India, we’ll never be able to get married.

I want to tell him this- Thank you for treating me like your baby and protecting me like a husband.




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