She Was 3 Years Older Than Me And We Were In Love But That Wasn't Enough For Our Families

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 13 June, 2017

India is a land of cultural diversity and often we like to term ourselves as the people who believe in unity in diversity. Yet what really happens stays within the four walls. Even though we boast of our developments and advancement yet the social stigma of culture, caste, religion, etc still is very prevalent in India.

We met each other while we were doing our post graduation and our relationship started off by being friends. But as time passed, we got to know each other better and slowly we became those kind of friends who were inseparable.

Then one day I got to know about her past. She was a bit unwell mentally and had attempted suicide two twice. A few days later she again attempted it for the third time when her relationship failed. I was very shocked to hear about all this. So, I along with my classmates started to spend more time with her. Slowly I got to know more about her.


She was extremely good in nature and she could sacrifice everything for the ones she loved. I started to pay more attention to her because she needed care. I also got to know that her heart was pure and pious. We became close friends who shared each and every other detail and helped each other out.

We shared our lives together.

Whenever she felt low she would call me and I would go to help her or be with her. And when I was down (with the flu) she did the same. It was towards the end of our post-graduation that she proposed to me and I was also happy because I liked her as a person. Eventually, we started dating and after a very long time, we thought about getting married.

We were ready to make all kinds of adjustments for she was a hardcore vegetarian and I was a non-vegetarian. I agreed to become a vegetarian for her but her parents were against it. She was a Gujarati and I was Bengali.

They were like, "You can't get married in a house where non-veg food is cooked. Moreover the age difference is 3 years."

At the end of the day, we wanted our parents to be happy. We could not be happy together by going against them. So we had to forget whatever we have planned. She cried and still sometimes says sorry for thinking and bringing about the thought of getting married. She still wants to marry me but due to society, culture, and everything else things couldn't work out.

Now I just want her to be happy. Because since day one I wanted her to be happy whether she is with me or someone else.
Author's Note:

I lost here but her place in my heart is still the same and no one can replace it.

Editor's Note:

Love knows no boundaries yet the blood bond that we have with our parents is the superpower which can overpower anything. Share this story if you liked it.