Our Love Was So Perfect, Even Our Families Got Jealous

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It all started in November 2015.

We were just Facebook friends who belonged to the same college. We hadn’t even seen each other during our college days! Our first real interaction seemed so innocuous. One of those days, he posted the lyrics of a song and mentioned how great the words were. That song happened to be my favourite! So, I also commented on his status. Soon after that, we started chatting on messenger and I came to know that we had the same taste in music. We exchanged numbers on the same day and chatted for hours. We talked about our likes and dislikes. We had the same interests and liked the same days. It was as if this was “Love at first Like”.

I could sense that special 'Zing' happening between us. We started chatting regularly and on the third day I started to fall for him but of course, I could not tell him yet. 

I was always willing the phone to ring and would wait for him to text me. We understood each other very well. He treated me with love and respect and never uttered a bad word about me. He was very patient and calm. We never proposed to each other but we both knew that we are in love. Sometimes we had fights and misunderstandings, but he never lost his temper even once. Each time, he would be the one who consoled me. It wasn't the first relationship for either of us, so it was felt like we learnt from our mistakes and were good to each other. He is a keyboardist and he even used to play songs to me over the phone!

It so happened that we decided to spend some time together at a hotel once. With the chemistry we had, there was bound to be some intimacy. We hugged and kissed and started making out…but then we better sense prevailed and we stopped. We slept separately.

The next morning, we felt very guilty and I initiated “the talk”. I told him that whatever happened wasn’t right. He promised me that nothing like this will happen again. Because of the awkwardness, we didn’t talk for 2 days. 

The real problem happened when his mother overheard our conversation. She enquired about me. He told her the truth. I am Christian and he is Hindu. His parents did not accept me and he did not speak to me for a few days. Later, he told me that he will convince his parents. And he did try. But his parents put their foot down and refused to accept me. It was a very hard time for us.

To make things worse, he fell sick & had to have back surgery. All of these issues meant that he could hardly concentrate on his job. I could see the writing on the wall and I knew what I had to do even though it would one of the toughest decisions I would ever have to make.

We HAD to breakup because I could not see him suffer. He is the only child to his parents and so am I. I could not bear the idea of my revolting against my parents, so I could not expect him to. And just like that, a beautiful bond ended.

I did not want him to be in the position of having to choose between me and his parents. I love him so much that I had to let him go. All I wanted was to see him happy. If he had married me, he would lose his parents and I could not bear to be the cause of that. I wanted to be his family, not the reason he loses it.

Today, we still talk to each other every now and then. We are trying to be friends. It is really hard to do, but what is the alternative? Pretend we don’t exist to each other? That would be lying to ourselves.

I do know one thing for sure - The girl he marries will be the luckiest person in the world!

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