My Sister Is Not Allowed To Marry The Guy Of Her Choice Because Of Me And It Makes No Sense

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 28 April, 2017

There is a rule in every Indian family, if your elder sister got married as per her wish, the younger one should save the respect of the family by marrying a guy of her parents' choice. 

If you don't want to do that, it's not your wish. It's their choice to make. I got married against my family's wished and it took six years for my marriage to get stable, and I still don't know how many more years my marriage will sustain.

But it does not that mean my sister should not lead a life she had always dreamt of. She wants to be a entrepreneur and wants to get married to someone who understands her ambitions, respects her wishes and is willing to b a supportive companion.

Is this a lot to ask for? Why does our society label her as an "arrogant, stubborn girl"? She was the topper of her university, in her graduation and post graduation.

Why did she study so hard just to be someone’s wife, without a life of her own? She has big dreams and she wants to marry someone who is willing to support her, and if that someone is her close friend, why does it bother the society? Why can't my family just give her a chance without blaming her of betrayal.

When my parents started forcing her for marriage, she told my parents about that guy and her reason for agreeing to marry him but they blamed her. They said, "Your sister did everything to ruin the family's respect, now you are following on her foot steps."

I am proud of her because she chose well, her career is her pride. She wants to support my parents financially even after marriage, and I don't think anything is wrong with that. I honestly don't understand the reasoning behind my parents' disapproval. 

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