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My Parents Made Me Leave College Because I Fell In Love With Him

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Love is something that cannot be described in words, an unconditional feeling which always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always preserves.

My parents always taught me about love, how powerful it is. But this is what happened to me for loving a guy who was adorable in all aspects but belonged to another religion.

I hale from a small town and a family with a conservative mindset. I used to go to my hobby classes and I happened to meet a guy named Manu there.

He was such a nice person; he held all qualities of a gentleman. No doubt, this must be the reason why I fell for him.

I started trusting him so much that I gave him my number; before this I had never shared my contact details with any boy apart from my relatives. He already had feelings for me but it took me 2 years to accept the feeling of love and say a yes to him.

Since we belong to a small town, everyone knows each other and you can be caught up anywhere easily. So whenever we went on a date together, we had this fear of getting caught.

Once I was with him, and I don’t know why but one of my closest friends told my parents everything. God knows what made her do that! My parents locked me up in my room. I wasn’t allowed to go to my college anymore. This made my life hell.

But Manu somehow succeeded in providing me a cellphone through our common acquaintances. After some days I had to go to my cousin’s marriage.

There I met a guy who liked me and he told my parents that he wanted to marry me. Then of course! My marriage was fixed with him. I told Manu about this and he decided to come to my parents and ask for my hand for our marriage.

My father straightaway insulted him and asked him to leave. Despite this, Manu came to meet my parents 3 more times but the answer didn’t change. This time I had to do something. I decided to tell my fiancé the truth, hoping he’d understand.

But you know how these men are! Instead of understanding what I was going through, he created a scene in front of my family. And then my family ended up humiliating me. I cannot even describe how painful that night was. It’s not that they didn’t love me but probably that night their love for me stood nowhere in front of their social ego.

I couldn’t speak. I wasn’t able to move properly after that. My parents did cry seeing my position but didn’t agree on my marriage with Manu.

Few days after, I had a function at my house, some of the relatives came and even my cousin whom I shared everything with. Seeing my condition, he gave me his cell phone and told me to call Manu.

Manu, hearing my voice, understood everything. He came and visited my parents the very next day.

He asked me to come with him. But seeing me father’s anger I couldn’t gather courage. My father said that he’s ready for our marriage but only after two days. Manu after hearing this returned.

I knew my father very well. I knew that he’d do something to distance me and Manu. As expected I was sent to my relative’s place which was far from my hometown. I had sleepless nights for next 20 days. After that I got to know that Manu had filed a complaint at an NGO.

This gave me relief because my parents were trying to hitch me up with some random guy from my caste. After the complaint I was asked to be present in the DM’s office. That lady was understanding and heard my whole story.

I was asked if I wanted to marry Manu. How could I say a no? This was what I was waiting for. We got married that day and the DM herself registered our marriage.

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been married. Life is beautiful now. Even my parents understand us now. And I feel like patting my back every now and then for choosing the person I loved and not a stranger.

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