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My Parents Abused Me Since Childhood And They Still Call Me A 'Prostitute'

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This is the first time I am writing about it. I have always kept this to myself and tried to neglect it as much as I could. I was born in India, I wasn’t liked much by my father as he wanted a son. From childhood, he has been very abusive, both emotionally and physically. I was thrown out of the house at least once on a weekly basis. I was cursed at and beaten up physically all my life. He behaved the same way with my mother.

I recall an incident from the time when I was only 6 years old, where I was taken to a railway station and my mom told me that we are going to commit suicide.

At the age of 14, we all moved to London. However, nothing changed. I started working at 14 at a motel to help my parents financially, then I worked at a grocery store to continue the support. I did all this while attending school and taking care of household chores.

When I joined university, I worked 3 jobs at a time while continuing with full time education. I was never supported by my family.

Despite living in a western culture, I was not allowed to talk to any person of the opposite gender. But it’s practically impossible to do so when you have to complete group assignments. And when I did that, I was called a prostitute. I have a successful career now but one thing which lacks from my life is support from my family.

To this date, I get referred to as prostitute or v**shya or r**di. It’s almost every week that both my parents tell me that I change guys on a daily basis and sleep with them, along with calling me with tonnes of demeaning names.

I’m still continuing further education while working full time in a financial corporation. But there is no support from my family on anything and neither have they acknowledged any of my accomplishments. I have been supporting myself since teenage years and have not been a burden on them, yet I am some cheap characterless girl to them. It hurts the most when your own parents demean you every day when the reality is completely different.

Because of going through such abuse throughout my life, I feel very depressed at times. It’s difficult to live in such a situation and continue to progress through my career in peace.

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